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Climber Gets Attacked by a Bear and Nearly Falls Off a Cliff in an Epic, Unbelievable Fist Fight

His friends would never believe this without video proof
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20+ Unbearable Bear Memes That Bear-ly Made Us Laugh

Bears are pretty cool, there's really just no denying that. What's not to love about a family of mammals that can manage to be simultaneously cuddly, adorable, and also apex predators that would kill you without remorse? True, there is a bit of a variation on the bear spectrum ranging from more cuddly/dopey to more sharp/murdery but the point still stands. The first end of this spectrum is undoubtedly claimed on one end by the Panda Bear whose famously incompetent disposition almost led to its…
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Black Bear Family Has Full On Rager In People's Pool

Better hope you're on the guest list.
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Woman Yeets Bear Off Fence To Save Dogs

Honestly, heroic.
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chill guy discovers a bear in his mom's car

Guy Gets Panicked Call From Mom, Checks Her Car, Bear's Chillin Inside

Lock those doors, bears love to post up.
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Beekeeper tired of bears always stealing his honey turns them into taste testers.

Beekeeper Tired Of Bears Stealing His Honey Turns Them Into Taste Testers

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things to be aware of

16 Things That You Should Not Mess With

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17 Totally Bananas Pics From Russia

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Guy Scares the Life out of Bear Using Creepy Dancing Clown

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Planet Earth Paired "Jungle Boogie" With Bears Scratching Their Backs and It's Wonderful

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[GRAPHIC] Story of the Day: Man Gets Attacked by Grizzly Bears, Lives to Film and Tell Tale

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It's Normal For Baby Bears to Purr, Right?

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Via @hayBEARS
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This Guy's Idea of Scaring Away a Black Bear Cub is Basically 9-Minutes of Bear-Idiocy

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Canada bears ducks Video animals - 82547457

These Frickin' Bears Do Not Have Canadian Manners

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horror scary break in house bears bear Video - 255495

This Video of a Bear That Broke Into Someone's House Is the Best Horror Movie of 2016

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Rooting For These Bears Should Make You Feel Creepy

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Created by tamaleknight
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