Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

Pictures of funny bathroom graffiti that ended up being very creative.

15 People That Brought Their A Game With the Humorous Bathroom Graffiti

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toilet paper bathroom toilet story funny - 1578757

Bro's Typical Bathroom Outing Comes to Screeching Halt With Amazing Toilet Paper Plot Twist

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doors FAIL bathroom - 84980737

This Bathroom is a Design Nightmare

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Addition of the Day: Japanese Bathrooms Now Have Sanitary Wipes for Cleaning Your Smartphone

japanese bathrooms adding smartphone wipes
Via Toru Hanai/Reuters

These Blow Jobs Are a Bit Short Too

FAIL urinal pee bathroom - 8817245184
Via CrispyBaconHalalHoax

Guess You're Stuck!

door whoops bathroom handle - 7048110848
Via Reddit
Thursday meme with gif of drunk guy falling between cars

Putting the P in Bellyflop

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This Painting of A "Modern Relationship" Has Been Shared Almost One Million Times on Imgur

art bathroom painting dating - 8803024384
Via Indifferentpenguinisnotimpressed

If I Fits, I Squats

FAIL urinal bathroom peeing classic - 8797313792
Via philopher
FAIL gross bathroom food Video - 215815

Storing Buns Where They're Exposed to Human Buns is Pretty Gross

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2 Girls, 1 Bathroom Ride

Created by Unknown

Some Coworkers are Gross and Some Coworkers are Poets

Via RS5D

When You Really Don't Want to Touch a Public Toilet, You Gotta Hover(board)

funny bathroom image hoverboard over the toilet
Via dwells7583
bathroom cooking FAIL kids parenting Video pizza - 75362817

Jamie Oliver Just Wanted to Make Pizza With His Kids, But He Son Had Other Priorities

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bathroom drunk iPhones Video - 75360001

If You Leave Your Phone in the Bathroom, These Drunk Mates Might Find it

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Nice To Meat You

Via Mbsbll404

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