Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

carpentry plumber rant clap-backs construction bathroom port-a-potties tradesmen journeyman blue collar electrician tiktok - 17921541

Blue Collar Workers Clap Back After TikToker Rags on People Who Don’t Go Number Two at Work, Saying They Need to “Grow Tf Up”

"If you're not blue collar, you don't understand."
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strange things people found in public bathrooms

The Most Out-Of-Place Things People Found In Public Bathrooms

Well that doesn't go there.
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lady in story drinks free tea all day and gets angry when store closes and she can't use bathroom

Lingering Customer Can't Use Facilities After Close, Throws Tantrum

When it's closed it's closed.
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twitter thread on using bathroom in space

Twitter Thread: The Messy History Of Using The Bathroom In Space

It sounds like a lot.
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tattoo artist charges for time spent in bathroom, spends 35 minutes in bathroom

Tattoo Artist Charges For 35 Minutes Spent In The Bathroom

That's kind of a lot, right?
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powerful shower head levitating due to forceful water stream

Excessively Powerful Showerhead Can Levitate Itself

Water pressure seems solid.
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Karen insists she's an employee to try to use the bathroom | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by u/wafflecopter2 16 hours ago No don't work here, lady XL never been mistaken an employee at place don't work at, but did have tell Karen she doesn't work at my store work at 7-Eleven, and been there about six years now used work night shift (boy, do have some stories those days) but one really stands out this subreddit is time had tell lady she doesnt work at my store.

Demanding Karen Insists She Works at the Store

Interesting strategy.
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Weird cursed toilets that are shaped like other things or just wtf | toilet built inside a large human skull with the bowl looking like a white tongue | row of urinals shaped like nun statues

Wild Toilets of the World

There are too many weird toilets.
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Funny bathroom graffiti people found | reddit posed by coolcleverfunnyname Not exactly bathroom stall but bathroom bar my hometown there's condom machine says refund insert baby Always made chuckle.

Terrific Bathroom Graffiti People Witnessed

Poetry at its finest.
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Strange and funny things that happened to people in public bathrooms | LiccFlair 6.4k points 2 days ago 3 had pleasure hearing some poor soul trying pass kidney stone movie theater restroom. His screams would have scared shit out if wasn't why there first place.

Strange Things That Happened in Public Restrooms

Welcome to the jungle, baby.
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People react to a startup company that want to intentionally tilt toilets so that workers use the toilets for a lesser amount of time | BREAKING NEWS: Say goodbye comfort breaks! New downward-tilting toilets are designed become unbearable sit on after five minutes. They say main benefit is employees improved employee productivity. 13-degree sitting angle causes leg strain after five minutes

Jerk Startup Toilet Company Aims To Shorten Worker's Breaks

Let the people take their breaks in peace!
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Toilets that are scary and weird.

Cursed Toilets that Make Us Want to Take a Shower

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Various Twitter users share the different things they've overheard in a public bathroom.

Twitter Users Share Things They've Overheard In A Public Bathroom

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tifu, reddit, denny's, today i fucked up, story about wife going to a denny's to use the bathroom

Guy Suspects Wife Is Cheating, She's Actually Going to Denny's to Use The Toilet

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story of plumber who got stiffed so he grouted their bathroom with sugar

Couple Stiffs Plumber Dad So He Grouts Their Bathroom With Sugar

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woman complains man used gender neutral bathroom while she was there

Woman Complains About Man Using Gender Neutral Bathroom In Front Of Her

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