funny twitter thread enlarging collar using photoshop

Twitter User Promises Enlarged Collar In Exchange For Likes, It Gets Too Big

Ya know, normal stuff.
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humor nba sports cringe ridiculous basketball funny - 107450881

Lebron James Catches Fan Calling Him Crybaby

A beautiful moment in sports history.
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basketball hoop FAIL stuck lol ridiculous basketball dumb funny Video stupid - 107466753

Dude Throws Shoe At Basketball, Miraculously Gets That Stuck Too

Throw your phone next.
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nba sports ridiculous basketball funny Video David Letterman kevin durant - 107452417

David Letterman Asks Kevin Durant Why People Call Him "KD"

What a moment.
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surprising sports awesome athlete basketball Video win - 107261185

Woman Sinks Every Shot, Wins New Car

Um, mad skills.
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sports awesome harlem globetrotters basketball athletics Video win - 106892801

The Greatest Globetrotter Shot Of All Time

Dribbling's hard.
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Neighbors complain about basketball hoop, so dad designs car with basketball hoop for neighborhood

Dad Designs Masterful Basketball Hoop Loophole

Anything for the hoop.
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humor nba matt damon ridiculous celeb basketball funny Mark Wahlberg - 106849793

Matt Damon Recounts Getting Yelled At With Mark Wahlberg During Lakers Game

A couple die hard fans.
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humor nba sports Shaq ridiculous basketball Video - 106801921

Locker Room Incident Destroys Shaq And Barkely With Laughter

We've all been caught up in those delirious fits of laughter.
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cringe Awkward ridiculous basketball live tv Video - 106743553

Arrogant Three-Point World Record Holder Gets Ego Checked On Live TV

He wasn't ready for Kenny Smith's mad skills.
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FAIL cringe athlete ridiculous basketball Video - 106376961

Guy Brags About Three-Pointers Record, Misses Every Shot On TV

Oh man, that's got to hurt.
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wholesome story about Toronto basketball fan | This is Nav Bhatia going see 1/9 lot him waving his towel on TV. He's 67 years old and still cheers louder than teenage nephew. If ever been Raps game can't miss him. But here's most people don't know: | He's been at every single Raptors home game since 1995 right: Every. Single. One. Through Damon, Vince, CB4 zillion coaches, blackouts, blizzards name Big deal, right? Wait, there's more. Bu MEMPHIS EASKE7BALL PTO 95 CAL

A Wholesome Post About A Toronto Legend

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nba player puts amateur basketball player in their spot funny sports fail video

Standoffish Amateur Basketball Player Gets Upstaged By NBA Player

So many excuses.
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video game NBA 2K15 voice acting fail

NBA 2K15 Horrible Voice Acting Compilation

This is somehow real.
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crazy special skill man who jumps very high 50 INCH. MAX VERTICAL!

Amateur Has 50 Inch Vertical Jump

This is insane.
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Heavy Machinery operator makes a basketball shot.

Heavy Machinery Making a Basket

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