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Gravitationally Challenged Cats Who Defied The Laws Of Physics

Cats have a way with gravity that tends to bewilder the lot of us. Their bodies are somehow liquid, they find themselves in impossible places, and they have the balance of a mountain goat. It's clear as day that more research must be done to discover the secrets behind the non-Newtonian nature of cats. But for now, we just have weird pictures like these. For some worse cats, here are bad cats who were shamed for their crimes.
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guy balances beer on head while riding bike

Guy On Bike Incredibly Balances Beer On Head

What a triumph of balance.
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waves physics falling balance boat funny Video - 106723841

Highly Unbalanced Highlights from Life on a Boat

It's that dang gravity. Stupid physics.
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video of machines that balance themselves

Self-Balancing Machines are Some Satisfying Engineering

Yes, stay upright you wheeled miracles.
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precariously balanced cups |  wint @dril 3h user named beavis_sinatra has been terrorizing since 2004, by sending pictures cups are too close edge table 17 1,514 3,837 @beavis_sinatra @dril

Twitter User Harasses with Precariously Balanced Cups

Oh, the horror!
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Satisfying images of things fitting well, being balanced or perfectly made | a perfectly round and flat rock held in the palm of someone's hand | Heinz spaghetti hoops stuck to the tin can

Weirdly Satisfying Images of Graceful Perfection

Oh yeah that's the good stuff.
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Safety fails and precarious situations that OSHA would fine you for.

Safety Fails and Precarious Situations that Would Make OSHA Scream

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broom skills water balance dad cup prank amazing daughter win - 96640769

Dad Exacts Perfectly Skilled Counter to Daughters' Water Prank

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balance construction teamwork win - 365574

Teamwork Win!

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Hang Loose, Bro!

ouch gif balance funny - 7778749440
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balance technology robots Video win - 82504961

Just Wait Until This Beautifully Balancing Robot is Allowed to Complete in the Olympics

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Music balance chores dance Video yoga justin bieber - 75772417

Watch as Hoverboards Bring a Smooth Balance to These ChoreYOGAphed Ladies and Justin Bieber's Song

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Before There Were Milk Trucks.

balance milk - 5907476992

The Table Teetering on the Edge

Via Neatorama

Alright, Now What Am I Missing?

balance ladder poll Professional At Work weird wtf - 4946347520
Via Reddit

The Kitchen of No-Physics

Via CaptainOnBoard
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