bad product

hyped products that flopped or were dumb

Things That Couldn't Live Up To Their Own Hype

We get so excited and for what.
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funny off brands, knockoff and bootleg products that are similar to existing brands but not right

Wonderful and Absurd Knockoffs and Off Brands

Mike. Just Doing It.
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misleading and deceptive products

Deceptive Products Designed By Real Jerkwads

Wow, delicious air.
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funny reviews for weird creepy Garfield toy

The Reviews Are In For This Demonic Garfield Plush

Something's off.
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stupid and funny bootleg products

Bootleg Stuff That Slipped Through Somehow

"Oh cool. Power Man."
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Manipulative and bad ads, products and services | SNICKERS three pack chocolate bar that are the same size of two regular ones | Colorblind Test colour is orange If see orange are normal If see yellow are strange If see blue may be colorblind Swipe UP and take test see if are

Deceptive Ads and Bad Products Designed by Jackholes

The bait and switch is alive and well.
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Stupid, useless and accidentally filthy designs | Anxiety Disorders Now Only $45.00 Entrance Next Door FAMILIAR business shopping window glass | WORLD'S LARGEST QUALITY TOY MANUFACTURE TRADE MARK ASS TOYS 200 FIFTH AVE NEW YORK company logo

Stupid, Useless and Accidentally Filthy Design Failures

Whose job was this?
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Stupid and bad design fails | cardboard box folded in a way that makes the warning "do not microwave" as "microwave". utility pole in the middle of a road.

Dumb Design Fails That Were Someone's One Job

It doesn't hurt to get a fresh set of eyes.
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Bad products and advertisements that manipulate consumers.

Devious and Horrible Products and Ads Designed to Manipulate People

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Dissappointing products people bought after seeing an ad for them.

Disappointing Purchases People Made After Being Misled By Ads

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Funny design fails and funny signs

Stupid Design Failures That Need Some Help

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Stupid and dirty design fails.

Design Fails That Need Some Work

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Diary Cover FAIL

animals bad product failboat g rated horses not for kids photography - 5268700672
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Unbreakable FAIL

bad product broken failboat g rated irony tools - 4866132224
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Role Model FAIL

bad product book failboat golf g rated sports Tiger Woods - 4862460160
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Can Opener FAIL

advertisement bad product classic failboat g rated stupidity - 4836275456
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