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It is a really bad idea to make a government employee angry | Both of the police units showed up and I let them know what was going on. They were both appropriately agitated to have to waste their time and let not nice guy know that I was within in my authority to proceed with the investigation.

'He stated berating me': Jerk neighbor breaks code, gets served bureaucratic justice by disgruntled government employee

There's an old saying that's continually relevant to customer service: The squeaky wheel gets the grease; it's true, more often than not, following up consistently with a service provider (and being generally bothersome) will net you a faster result than those who wait silently. Most people choose to do this by obnoxiously demanding service but obnoxious or not, it's always important to be polite. Being polite, maybe firm, when necessary, will always net you a better result than being a bellend…
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'I definitely put a dent in [their marriage]': Single mother catfishes condescending righteous neighbors in ultimate act of retribution

Whatever belief, culture, lifestyle, or background you come from or follow, there's a unifying ideal that we should all abide by: Treat others with respect. You never know what someone else has had to endure, what they've managed to make it through, or what trials and tribulations they face or have faced. This is why that whole “not judging” thing is so prevalent and important in belief structures ("Do not judge, or you too will be judged") — who are you to think yourself worthy of passing judg…
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'He showed up at my house threatening to burn it down': 20+ Insane neighbors who took neighborly disputes to another level

The existence of other people can be — well — kind of a downer. Nothing spoils the enjoyment of the pleasant dawning sun, with a hot cup of coffee in hand and pleasant birdsong in the air, like being reminded that other people exist. Barking dogs, honking cars, or yelling neighbors puncture tranquil morning thoughts and pull you right back into a bleak and bitter reality of continuance. But a barking dog, honking car, or occasional dispute is far from the worst thing one can experience when liv…
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AITA for not being in an HOA

'I've been getting HOA letters about fees': Guy refuses to join HOA and incurs their wrath

It's often said that you should never make a deal with the devil — and the same goes for HOAs. If an HOA ever comes knocking, asking if you want to participate in a duel for a golden fiddle, you would do well to politely decline… before closing — and locking — your front door.
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Neighbor took delivery of a package that our business purchased, used the contents, and now wants us to pay for the scraps. Dafuq?

Viral Thread: Neighbor steals guy's package and uses the contents, writes guy a note asking him to pay for the leftovers

This insane neighbor seriously wants this guy to pay for the remnants of his own property.
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Neighbor tells another neighbor to call the city… they did. | "Well apparently they got into a shouting match with one of the other neighbors over it with the offending neighbor telling the other neighbor if they don’t like it call the city."

'They got into a shouting match': Neighbor blocks sidewalk with SUV and tells other neighbor to report them if they don't like it... The predictable happens

Maybe, just maybe, if you're breaking a rule (or law) and you get into a dispute with someone over you breaking said rule/law… Maybe, it would be best not to dare that person to report you to whatever authority holds jurisdiction over said thing? Just saying… because we keep seeing stories like this and I just don't know what outcome these people are expecting in these circumstances.
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Dude Turns Terrible Neighbor's Own Games Against Them, Takes Them On in All-Out Warfare

Colonies of feral cats are the ultimate weapons.
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Heartless New Neighbor Ignites Driveway Feud, Loses and Ends Up With Tiny Driveway

Mike... You are the world's biggest a-hole.
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