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AITA for playing a prank on my wife (29F) at my (31M) wedding?

'I don't know if I have a wife anymore': Guy embarrasses new wife so badly at wedding that she won't even answering his messages anymore

How badly can you mess up at your own wedding? This unfortunate dummy found out real quick. This 31 year old OP and his 29 year old spouse decided to tie the knot, and of course that comes with lots of decision making. This misogynistic OP wrote that while he thought up a hilarious joke for his wedding, his fiancé was taking care of the serious stuff. He'd seen one of his buddies write “Help me!” on the bottom of his wedding shoes in the style of “Toy Story,” and as the OP recounts, that was a…
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funny brilliant ideas that turned out to be stupid

People's Brilliant Ideas That Were Dumb Upon Review

We all know someone who's reinvented socks.
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times people knew they screwed up

Moments That People Realized They Had Screwed Up

Oh no.
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stories of the worst food people tasted | stephacharlotte 1.6k points 5 days ago Hot dog soup. My dad rehab/assisted living facility. He had both and my sister taste were all super grossed out def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs base.

The Worst Foods People Have Eaten

Sometimes it's worth a shot.
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15 cringey wedding related fail images | thumbnail "lthough horrific, I'm out of emotions to do anything but laugh at this point. My fiance and I just found out yesterday that my future mother-in-law has made arrangements to have her vows renewed at our destination wedding. On the same day. Two hours prior to our ceremony. At the same location. Because... wait for it... she wants the day to be special for her also. "

A Bushel Of Ridiculously Cringey Wedding Related Fails

Holla we want pre nup
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18 images of architectural fails | thumbnail left building with pole through it, thumbnail right building Window - OLLEGE ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING

Architectural Fails That Are Far From Structurally Sound

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Music horrible wtf bad idea michael jackson dumb stupid autotune - 107741697

"Beat It" But Every Note Is In C Is A New Kind Of Fever Dream

Still better than most music.
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egg explodes in person's face after microwaving it for 5 minutes

Hungry Doofus Microwaves Egg For 5 Minutes, Suffers Eggsplosion

It happens.
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funny ideas that were smart at the time but actually dumb

People's Brilliant Ideas That Were Dumb In Retrospect

We've all had them.
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15 corporate fail images | thumbnail left "Walmart Saratoga Springs - Old Gick Rd 13 mins • · O Here at store Saratoga Springs, we have some pretty cool people. We would like to thank associate's name! Thanks for doing such a great job, associate's name. We appreciate #WalmartFamily you! Fine Jewelry Reusable Shopping 14 122 Proud Walmart* Associate ROBIN BARS ro" thumbnail right reebok ad "cheat on your girlfriend not your workout"

Corporate Fails To Laugh At While You Take A Two Hour Lunch Break

S m to the h
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mother in law wants deed

Mother-In-Law Demands Deed To House She Didn't Pay For, Gets Refused

There's some red flags in there.
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funny bad stupid life pro tips and dumb life hacks

Bad Life Pro Tips That Likely Won't Help

They're dumb.
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wrong things peoples parents told them

Wrong and Dumb Things People's Parents Told Them

There's a lot to unlearn.
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funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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stupid funny pro tips

Stupid Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up Your Life

Please don't.
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funny stupid life hacks and life pro tips

Hilariously Absurd and Dumb Life Pro Tips To Not Do

Don't do this.
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