Mmmm bacon.... Whether it's a breakfast food or a late night snack, bacon is just delicious. Made from almost any meat and even tofu, bacon is a versatile food that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're a chewy or crunchy person these bacon memes and laughs will have you craving your favorite all day snack.

man combines burgers against wishes of burger guy, enraging him

Man's Effective and Idiotic Loophole Enrages Burger Guy

"That's not possible!"
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Dad enjoys cooking bacon, and his daughter doesn't like it | WIBTA refusing stop cooking bacon my kitchen due my teenage daughters vegan lifestyle? Not hole Dad here, old fart, loves his daughter pieces but struggling see eye eye with my teenager and wife on this one always been meat eating family live rural Midwest and bacon breakfast is pretty much given. This year my 14 y/o daughter decided go vegan, and jumped onto her support team with enthusiasm learned substitute ingredients, cook new

Dad Cooks Bacon, Vegan Daughter Isn't Having It

Dad just wants that bacon.
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Vegan daughter demands dad can't cook meat in house.

Dad Asks If He's Wrong For Upsetting Vegan Daughter With His Bacon Cooking

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worst subway sandwiches

17 Subway Employees Share the Most Awful Sandwiches They Ever Had to Make

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cooking roast

Woman's Attempt At Breakfast Gets Roasted Beyond Recognition

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forbidden snacks inedible things that look tasty

25+ Scrumptious Looking Items That Are Not Cool to Eat

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FAILS cops angry birds disney FAIL tshirts t shirts clothing Gene Simmons bacon - 4740613

10 Times Shirts Were Very Fitting

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The Share War

bacon god like share - 6470224896
Created by Unknown

Free The Nip (From Your BLT Sandwich)

funny fail image woman's bacon still has pig's nipple attached
Via Mandy Pella

With a Milkshake

fries bacon dating - 8817456896
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After Being Hambushed, This Old Lady Wasn't Going to Let the Attacker Pigpocket Her

funny facebook image old lady beats off thief with bacon
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tips life hacks food Video bacon - 79734785

Step Up Your Sandwich Game With a Quick & Simple Bacon Weave

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Mom Decided to Let Her 4-Year-Old Make the Shopping List

parenting image 4 year old groceries shopping list
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Impress Everyone With a Bacon and Potato Rose

DIY food bacon - 8748269824
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Well, It's Not Untrue

funny memes bacon healthier than crystal meth
parenting food eating Video win bacon - 77100289

This Baby Eating Bacon For the First Time Will Only Remind You That You'll Never Be That Happy Again

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