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Insane Spin On Guy's Double Backflips

The dude does not abide by the law of physics.
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FAIL birthday injury Party backflip Spider-Man Video - 96830209

Birthday Spider-Man's Backflip Ends Worse than It Did for Him in Infinity War

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Do not attempt

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boomerang awesome backflip athletics Video win - 369670

Amazing Backflip Boomerang Catch Will Leave You Speechless

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Annie... Are you ok?

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Big drunk guy tells nightclub he can do backflip and fails miserably in this video.

Drunk Guy Tells Nightclub He Can Do Backflip, Fails Miserably

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michael jackson backflip - 85010689

Watch This Michael Jackson Impersonator Inspire Someone to Try a Backflip and Totally Wreck Themselves

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snowmobile amazing backflip - 84914689

Oh, Hell Yeah: Check Out The World's First Double Backflip on a Snowmobile

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sports FAIL basketball backflip Video - 83361537

Watch a Phoenix Suns' Dancer Totally Eat it On a Move

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Going Back to School After a Holiday Weekend Got You Like...

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Guess He Was Hungry For a Big Bite of Sand

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Pogo and a Backflip

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ouch FAIL right on the head backflip Video - 223239

Maybe Your Safety Net Should Be Softer

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Backflip Off These Rings? Sure...

backflip faceplant FAIL snow right in the face - 8769512704
By Unknown
jump swimming cliff backflip Video win - 74785281

106-Foot Double Backflip Cliff Jump

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FAIL drunk backflip Video - 74114305

If Only Confidence Could Help You Land a Backflip

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