AITA for saying my father needs to stop having kids?

Daughter Scolds Absent Father For Having Too Many Kids

You know it's a problem when your own daughter tells you to stop procreating.
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Babysitter leaves 100 dollar a week job and entitled mom can't understand why | am LIVID seven months now 100 week hours are easy 9am-5pm, like regular fucking job and kids are basically angels, they sleep most day anyway at this age. mas been babysitting get text her saying she's applying walmart and she can't afford work anymore

Babysitter Leaves Bad Job, Entitled Mom Lashes Out

She can't understand why someone wouldn't want to work for 100 dollars a week.
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aita parenting babysitting - 17179397

Parents Surprised Babysitter is Upset They Have Been Secretly Recording Her, Wonder if They're Wrong

It really should go without saying that you should never record someone without their knowledge, regardless of the location or circumstance. It doesn't matter if that person is in your home. No matter what, that person is going to feel violated and betrayed. (An obvious exception to this rule is if you or someone else is in a possibly dangerous or threatening situation.) So, yeah, if you're recording a guest in your home without their permission, don't be surprised if that person is upset when…
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aita siblings babysitting family sister parents - 15969029

Adult Sibling Refuses to Put Up With Her Spoiled Brother and Entitled Parents

When the kid is more mature than the adults.
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Girl ends up letting complete stranger use the restroom in her house.

Girl Lets Perfect Stranger Into Home To Use Restroom, Gets Called Out

Yeah, not a bright idea at all.
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Bully breaks guy's phone so he frames the bully and the bully has to pay for damages | r/ProRevenge u/TheMaleMaryPoppins 1d Join 1 Break my phone pay damage Hello wonderful people reddit have lot time myself today (my friend/employer is taking kids out walk) and decided post my own personal story revenge here after my friend suggested she also insisted on helping with my username so thanks always kid people picked on at school girls would spread rumours about and boys would harass non stop. See,

Bully Breaks Guy's Phone, Guy Frames Bully

That's how it's done.
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Choosing beggar expects babysitter to work for very low rates | need sitter tonight. Saw add and interested. Ok this is kind short notice but should be able tonight age are kids? And hours tonight? Any details would be appreciated!

Mom Expects Babysitter To Work For $8 An Hour

Not going to cut it.
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AskReddit replies to the ridiculous things that people saw on nanny cams | MooseThings 1d 3 Awards This isn't bad one. My parents caught baby sitter carrying our 60lb golden retriever like he baby.

Ridiculous Things People Saw On Nanny Cams

It's funny how people are when they think nobody is looking.
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Entitled dad wants free babysitting and art | Seriously can even use us as an example and can post online bet get sales and help each othrt way Are going pay babysitting 4 kids this week not seeing this as very fair deal and feel trying take advantage knows my current situation and sure she'd understand can't spend 30hrs+ and using material can't currently replace free sorry hope this is joke

Entitled Dad Wants Free Art and Babysitting, Gets Neither

The nerve on this guy.
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surprising cringe shocking parenting babysitting ridiculous - 7304453

15 Shocking Reasons Parents Fired Their Babysitters

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cheap beggars

Insufferably Cheap Beggars Trying To Be Choosers On Social Media

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Collection of crazy text messages that babysitters sent parents.

14 Babysitters Who Sent Parents Utterly Insane Text Messages

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It's What You Do

dads don't babysit it's called parenting
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dogs babysitting - 73578241

Best Friends Make The Best Babysitters

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Perks of Being A Babysitter

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dogs baby babysitting - 73161729

Best Babysitter Around

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