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Payroll Employee Gets in Trouble for Exposing Potential Wage Theft, Quits on the Spot, Sparks Controversy and Goes Viral on TikTok

Payroll Employee Quits on the Spot After Finding Potential Wage Theft, Exposes Company with Viral TikToks, Sparks Controversy

The woman went to TikTok to tell the story of her first time walking out on a job—goes so viral she eventually makes the news and exposes the entire company.
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Baby Boomer Coworker Quits After One Shift at Food Service Job, Shocked at the Low Pay for "All That Work"

"I can't believe they only pay you $9.50/hr to do all that work!"
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Fresh Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Stop and Think

A new collection of the top Shower Thoughts from over the past month.
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Tumblr thread about bad customers, Karen gets silenced when one customer uses tip jar. | heatherleigh02 Had baby boomer front at Dairy Queen. She INSISTED she Blizzard EXPERT and there simply NOT ENOUGH chocolate pieces her blizzard and she wanted complain whoever is charge She's going on and on with this teenager teenager is calmly explaining they make them all same etc etc procedure etc etc. But this woman is now yelling at teen.

Customer Weaponizes Tip Jar to Defeat Karen

Beaten with compassion.
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A Millennial customer combats a whiny baby boomer customer with aggressive generosity. | Had baby boomer front at Dairy Queen. She INSISTED she Blizzard EXPERT and there simply NOT ENOUGH chocolate pieces her blizzard and she wanted complain whoever is

Customer Combats Whiny Boomer With Aggressive Generosity

Solid move.
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An entitled boomer learns they can't keep up with a service job. | lot them probably wouldn't last at job Last year had an internship at fancy office during day, and food service job at night. One ladies at office told she needed part-time job some extra cash, and let her know about an opening my food service job, described would be expected, all

Entitled Boomer Learns They Can't Handle Service Job

They got humbled real quick.
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A British millennial's rant about how much the economy has changed | MILLENNIAL RANT, BE WARNED 1982 average weekly wage 157 With average rent being £11.50 Rent vs income 7.32% Today, average weekly wage £504 With average rent being £868 Rent vs income 43% This being mostly down destruction social housing 1980s and ever increasing private housing sector. But 's not my gripe today (which its self is infuriating My issue is average price is standard 2 bed flat increases hugely if want another

A Millennial's Rant About State Of The World

Man, it's bleak.
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Millennials pretend that they're baby boomers in a ridiculous Facebook group | Rob Portesy group where all pretend be boomers New Member 18 mins E Dinner with Tom | Elissa Saputo Robinson group where all pretend be boomers 2 hrs E Bob are coming over dinner tonight. O Like Comment 9.

Millennials Pretend To Be Baby Boomers In Facebook Group

Oh, they really went there.
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Millennial tells baby boomer to stop it with the blame game | generation generation where two teachers could afford buy 4- bedroom house San Diego, CA and then afford mortgage and raise 2 kids private school (my parents did this generation generation where one parent could work Financial Aid at local college and other could raise 2 kids 3 bedroom house (my now-retired coworker did this).

Tumblr Thread: Millennial Tells Baby Boomer To Stop Blame Game

Everyone just needs to get along.
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George Carlin stand up comedian baby boomers

George Carlin Describes Baby Boomers

George Carlin goes in on the baby boomers.
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"Ok Boomer" Explained On Japanese TV

The way he switches between the two languages is very satisfying.
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Twitter thread on "Ok Boomer" shows history and significance.

Twitter Thread Outlines Significance of "Ok Boomer" Phenomenon

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A collection of Twitter users troll baby boomers with various pieces of "advice."

Twitter Users Troll Boomers To Oblivion With "Advice"

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A collection of "ok boomer" tweets that poke fun at the generation.

Millennials Roast Boomers On Twitter With "Ok Boomer" Meme

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Twitter users share various pieces of baby boomer advice that didn't age well.

Baby Boomer Advice That Aged Miserably

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Millennial schools a spicy baby boomer with the facts in the comments section.

Millennial Takes Baby Boomer To School With The Facts

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