Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

AAA customer lies about baby being locked inside car, gets keys locked in again

AAA Customer Lies That He's Locked A Baby In His Car, Gets Instant Karma

Don't lie to AAA, apparently.
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crunchy parent sister in law throws away all single use baby products, refuses to pay for them

Hippie Sister-In-Law Disapproves of Disposable Diapers, Throws Them All Away

Genius idea.
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mom wants Irish baby name and her mother doesn't like it

Woman Wants Uncommon Baby Name, Mom Not Having It

There are worse names, right?
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A collection of the worst baby names that people have ever encountered.

Worst Baby Names People Have Encountered

No idea what the parents were thinking.
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A new mom asks her husband to stop posting on social media about how he's so exhausted all the time.

New Mom Asks Husband To Stop Social Media Posting About Exhaustion

Parenting is no small feat.
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Crazy demanding tenant talks to toddler | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Dark909911 1 day ago e7 34 92 12 5 2 2 VOTED Want talk boss? oC M Cast My son who is 2. Crazy tenant. Building owner. Back 2012 2015 worked as building supervisor with 7 buildings took care also had side job as contractor paint any apartment needed only did this part time because other duties my buildings.

Off-Duty Building Supervisor Has Karen Tenant Talk to Toddler

Talk to the hand? How about talk to the baby.
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Woman's friend accuses her of stealing her desired baby name | AITA stealing baby name? Not hole So, my best friend is about 5 months pregnant she first found out had fun brainstorming names together both boys and girls she found out she having boy were thrilled and she settled on name Josh not going lie, as soon as knew boy all other name options kind evaporated my head maybe makes shitty friend but 's truth. Then, last month found out l'm pregnant as well, and at 10 weeks now far enough along

Woman's Friend Accuses Her Of Stealing Baby Name

Just a little bit extra.
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Two random guys came to see a new baby | are at hospital. Having baby today! She has dilated between 5-6. Today 9:04 AM Congrats lol but think someone got wrong number

The Wholesome Time Two Random Dudes Came to See A New Baby

Hey, why not.
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Woman asks people on Reddit if she was wrong for saying baby's name will lead to bullying | AITA criticizing my cousin's baby name? Not hole Hi 21F) have married cousin Cass 30F) who has always been sort holier-than-thou our family just because she is oldest, rather successful and first settle down. She is pregnant with her first child son, and has announced name. Both are family names, and middle actually is after our grandfather name would be perfectly fine if wasn't surname initials name is

Woman Says Baby's Name Will Lead To Bullying

Don't doom the poor kid.
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Bad father names baby without mother's permission, brother convinces his new woman to name her baby the original mom's name | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/AngelGuideIndi 1 day ago He Ruined My Sister's Only Birth Experience So Made Sure He'd NEVER Forget Her Obligatory apology formatting as on mobile. Kinda my revenge, kinda my sisters, both us really proud. This is gonna be long so TL;DR at bottom. Here's our cast: My sister call her "Sara story Sister's Ex-BF Paul" Ex-BFs New Wife Jane" Ex-BFs Par

Bad Dad Goes Behind Mom's Back to Name Baby, Brother Returns the Favor

It's some kind of justice.
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Video of a monkey on a bicycle dragging a toddler

Monkey Cyclist tries to Steal Toddler

You see something new every day.
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Man doesn't want to have a baby until his wife seeks help for her obsessive cleaning habits | AITA telling my wife shouldn't have baby until she sees dr about her anxiety and stops cleaning so much? Not hole My wife has self diagnosed anxiety. She won't talk her doctor about because she says she has managed. She says cleaning relieves her anxiety.

Man Doesn't Want Baby Till Wife Gets Help For Obsessive Cleaning

Sounds like he wants to give it some time.
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Guys wife wants to name child "John Doe" after her grandfather | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by the_doeberman AITA not wanting my son literally be named "John Doe" So my last name is Doe hasn't affected my life much apart occasionally being called "Dodo" while growing up or friends spelling D'Oh" as joke, and generally pretty neutral about

Guy's Wife Wants to Name Kid "John Doe"

Sounds like a pretty bad idea.
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Woman declines to hold her co-worker's baby, and proceeds to get shunned for it.

Woman Declines To Hold Co-Worker's Baby, Gets Shunned

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Guy's roommate's girlfriend with a baby moves in, doesn't pay rent, and expects him to take care of her baby. Other users comment on if what he is doing is wrong.

Guy Wants To Know If He's Wrong for Not Accommodating for His Roommate's Girlfriend's Baby

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guy refuses to let wife name kids after game of thrones characters

Guy Reconsiders Deal with Wife When She Wants to Name Kid After GoT Character

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