'Yes, I will tweet exactly what you said': Social media manager agrees to author's idea

'Yes, I will tweet exactly what you said': Social media manager maliciously complies with author's demands

Some clients aren't ever satisfied with the service they receive. Regardless of the industry you're in, some clients just can't be pleased — they'll always find something wrong with the product you deliver to them. Or worse, like with u/Gimlili's story shared to r/MaliciousCompliance, the client thinks they're better at your job than you! Working in publishing with a job running the company's social media, this person said they encountered an author who was launching a non-fiction book . After…
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funny bad two sentence horror stories

Bad Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Chillingly Stupid

What a twist.
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Twitter thread of annotates Bukowski from woman who's not putting up with it

Woman Finds Annotated Bukowski Book, It's Filled With Comedy Gold

She clearly wasn't gonna put up with it.
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Delusional writer who believes they've written a bestseller vampire novel won't pay for editing

Delusional Writer Wants "The Next Twilight" Edited For Free

"Excuse me, Count Dracula is spelled with an O."
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A quick Tumblr thread about last words from famous writers | someoneintheshadow456 Last Words Famous Writers dali-daydreams dedicated life words s important go out eloquently. 1. Ernest Hemingway Goodnight my kitten Spoken his wife before he killed himself. 2. Jane Austen want nothing but death response her sister, Cassandra, who asking her if she wanted anything. 3. J.M Barrie can't sleep 11

Quick Tumblr Thread: Last Words From Famous Writers

May their words echo on into eternity.
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cool author twitter smart social media knowledge space writing fun facts - 8867333

Science Fiction Author Answers Every Possible Question About Using The Bathroom In Space

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author twitter funeral social media ridiculous story funny - 7477253

Woman's Theatrical Twitter Thread About Going To Funerals Ends In Heart-To-Heart With Author, Neil Gaiman

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author history Death disease anti-vaxxers books loss vaccine measles Sad daughter - 7613189

Heartbreaking Roald Dahl Letter Urges People to Vaccinate Against Measles

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author literature words invention Video - 69001985

Words Invented By Authors

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Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
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This Is Why Mark Twain Was a Brilliant Author

author literature mark twain quote funny - 8422487808
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Isaac Asimov Had Quite the Life

author literature isaac asimov funny - 8414758400
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Somethings Just Don't Have Deeper Meaning

author funny literature professor - 7906595840

Now That's an Unbiased Entry

author wikipedia funny - 7560649472

Great Author's Indeed!

author literature Photo g rated School of FAIL - 7044772608

And That's How I Failed English

author failed english poetry - 6879853056
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