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Tumblr's "Australian Gothic" Is An Upside-Down World Of Existential Dread

Is it truly a g'day?
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humor wholesome tik tok australian ridiculous funny Video - 2107142

Aussie Man Guessing What Color Paint Will Be Is A Wild Ride

Now this is gold.
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cars driving australian comedy Video - 106414081

Aussie Comedians Test How Far Car Will Run On Zero Gas

I mean, it's all in the headline.
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video of Australian TV host getting pinched by crab as he screams

Crab Pinches The Dickens Out Of Australian TV Host

He made it very clear that it hurt.
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scary, weird and WTF Australian animals | huge gigantic worm held up in the air | photoshop edit of a crocodile attacking a shark and carrying it to shore

Majestic Atrocities of the Australian Natural World

What terrifying wonder.
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scary wtf Terrifying australia fire australian - 100986625

Crowning Australian Bushfire Is Freakin' Insane

Well that's terrifying.
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A collection of AskReddit users share dead giveaways that someone is Australian.

Dead Giveaways That Someone's Australian

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Australians relate to a culturally accurate Tumblr thread on Australian Gothic literature.

Australians Relate To Culturally Accurate Australian Gothic Tumblr Thread

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