A dog attacks a child but a cat comes in and saves the day.

Cat Saves Toddler from Dog Attack

Who said cats don't help?
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escaping death

18 Riveting Close Calls Where People Escaped Death by Seconds

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survivor bears injury attack facebook trending Video - 287495

[GRAPHIC] Story of the Day: Man Gets Attacked by Grizzly Bears, Lives to Film and Tell Tale

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attack ocean shark Video - 82510849

Watch the Exact Moment a Diver Gets Attacked By a Great White Shark And Lives to Upload it

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nature nope attack South Africa snakes Video - 82279425

This Python's Fake Out Attack Will Make You Jump In Your Seat

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No Thank You Nature Video of the Day: F*ck Ton of Midges Attack Scottish Dude

trending video news mosquito midges attack scotland
Via @falkirkoutdoors
kangaroo australia attack driving animals - 79832577

This Dash Cam Proves That a Kangaroo Can Be a Total Asshole

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Canada attack Video animals win keep calm - 74466049

This Canadian is Calm AF During a Cougar Attack

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attack compilation Video animals - 72346625

When Animals Attack

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attack shark Video - 72409601

Get in the Shark Cage, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said.

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bikers attack Video - 62224385

This Biker Attack Takes an Unexpected Turn

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Planning Your Attack WIN

attack clever godzilla oh Japan toys - 6308195584
By Unknown

Parenting Fails: Round and Round We Go

attack cat dogs g rated Parenting FAILS pet spinning - 6044099072
By Unknown
attack food lion om nom nom Parenting Fail toddler Video zoo - 31990273

Your Child is a Lion Tamer! Or Maybe a Tasty Snack

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animals attack bird dad Parenting Fail - 5616965632
By el.carl2
attack baby cute daww Parenting Fail puppy Video - 30617857

Vicious Yorkie Attack Caught on Film

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