crazy skiing accident close call

Downhill Skier Makes Insane Save After Crashing At 75MPH

Looks like an error in a video game.
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sports track awesome athlete ridiculous Video win - 107494145

Track Star Pulls Off Historical Comeback

Honestly insane.
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impressive crazy sports awesome athlete baseball MLB Video - 107403009

Baseball Player Gracefully Wins Smoothest Slide Of All Time

Pretty much superhuman.
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sports determined Muhammad Ali athlete boxing mountains Video - 107311361

Muhammad Ali Learning About Mt. Everest Is Extremely Muhammad Ali

What else could anyone expect him to say.
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surprising sports awesome athlete basketball Video win - 107261185

Woman Sinks Every Shot, Wins New Car

Um, mad skills.
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disc golf surprising sports awesome athlete Video win - 107033345

Disc Golfer James Conrad Nails Heroic Shot

The holy shot, indeed.
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FAIL cringe athlete ridiculous basketball Video - 106376961

Guy Brags About Three-Pointers Record, Misses Every Shot On TV

Oh man, that's got to hurt.
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impressive track awesome athlete running win - 106355969

Track Star Pulls Off Miraculous Comeback

A comeback for the ages.
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impressive awesome athlete skiing Video win - 106339329

Arguably Best Skier Alive, Candide Thovex's New Video Is Art

Now that's some shredding.
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professional cyclist wins race using spectator's bicycle

Cyclist's Bike Breaks Down, Borrows Spectator's, Wins The Race

Hopefully he signed that bike for the spectator.
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cool football video touchdown

Quarterback Throws Touchdown To Himself

The universe gave this dude a gift.
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Muhammad Ali impressive boxing

Muhammad Ali Dodges 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

Ultra instincts.
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cool gymnastics athlete video

Insane Spin On Guy's Double Backflips

The dude does not abide by the law of physics.
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baseball player hits cardboard dog with ball

Home Run Hit Into Cardboard Cutout Dog

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crazy special skill man who jumps very high 50 INCH. MAX VERTICAL!

Amateur Has 50 Inch Vertical Jump

This is insane.
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shaquille o'neal loses bet and has to grow hair

Shaq Loses Bet To Dwayne Wade, Has To Grow Out Hairline

At least Shaq saw the bet through.
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