Tumblr Thread: People Who Ask vs People Who Guess

As it turns out, there are different ways people try to get the things they want, and they don't always line up perfectly. There are people who ask for stuff even though they'll accept no as an answer, while there are people who try to guess what other people should want as to avoid that awkward no. For another thread that airs things out, here's tumblr's explanation of the USA. And for something more colorful about human nature, here's a thread on how humans will pack bond with anything.

Tumblr asking people and guessing people psychology | mefitours-blog-blog Ask Culture and Guess Culture "One my wife's distant friends has attempted invite herself stay with us, again writes exasperated owner prime 2 bedroom apartment New York City this Ask MetaFilter question She did this last March, and used excuse starting new job and needing do x, y, and z as well as out town" excuse any remaining dates. This got us off scot-free, but both knew time would come again and 's here need final
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