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Twitter Thread: Sex Weasels In Renaissance Art

Dr Chelsea Nichols has some interesting knowledge on the prevalence of phallic weasel symbolism in Renaissance art. Art history can be a pretty dry topic, but naturally something like a sex weasels is bound to capture our interest. Here are some Tumblr gems about history and here's an interesting tale of the art world's most loathed elitist and his bean.

Twitter thread about Sex Weasel symbolism in renaissance art | Chelsea Nichols @museumweirdo posted about this before, but never going stop until whole world knows about SEX WEASELS Renaissance art thread) | 16th century widely believed weasels conceived through their ears and gave birth through their mouth. This spawned whole language hidden sexual symbolism art, with weasels standing everything fertility talismans phallic symbols. 21 L788 O 1,560 Doo
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