From a House of Worship to a House of Books

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Take a Walk Under Minneapolis's Rainbow Bridge

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Welcome to the Steampunk Cafe

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This House in Huainan, China is Literally Made of Music

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You Won't Believe How The Photographer Captures the Skyline

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A Decade's Worth of Footage Shows the One World Trade Center Rising to the Sky

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10,000 Plants Make London's "Living Wall

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An Eccentric Chinese Bazillionaire Makes His Own Fortress of Solitude

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This German School Just Wants Some Nip

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This Time-Lapse is a Crash Course in European Architecture

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This is How You Paint Your Library's Entrance

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What Does China's New People's Daily Headquarters Look Like to You?

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Pong Just Got Super-Sized

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Who Designed These Stairs? M.C. Escher?

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This is the Coolest Kindergarten Classroom Ever

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