A brief Tumblr thread addresses the zombie apocalypse plot holes | kars-did-nothing-wrong why don't people zombie apocalypse stories ever just wear suits armor think any zombie is gonna get their rotting jaws through this? | gonna rip and tear my way through zombie apocalypse completely unharmed because none undead hoards will be able get through my plate mail kars-did-nothing-wrong everyone else is like "oh gotta stay inside most secure places possible and never leave" and l'll be storming

Tumblr Users Address Zombie Apocalypse Plot Holes

Fair points.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to people that grew up with Doomsday Prepper parents | posted by TheSoviet-Union My father had crates full non perishable food, camping gear, gas cookers name he had he stored bunker he built, which really just big anderson shelter.

People's Experiences With Doomsday Prepper Parents

Nothing quite like it.
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A crazy conspiracy theory gets broken down in Twitter thread that argues that the world actually ended in 2012.

Conspiracy Theory Argues The World Actually Ended In 2012

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horror trailers 2016 FAIL movies apocalypse Video - 84479233

2016 Recut As a Horror Movie Is Even More Terrifying Than You'd Expect

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apocalypse - 75950081

This Guy's Apocalypse Bunker/Man Cave is Cooler Than Any Vault in Fallout 4

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nature survival tools apocalypse Video - 75803649

Here's Almost 15 Calming Minutes of Survival Shelter Building in the Middle of the Woods

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The Walking Ex

apocalypse ex wife - 8048693248
By Unknown

Some People Say Photoshop, Some People Say THE PROPHECY IS FULFILLED

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weather apocalypse oh god why Video - 71619841

There's Apocalyptic Hail in Tennessee This Week

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Not On My Birthday, No!

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nasa apocalypse zombie science Video - 70333953

Will NASA Bring About the Zombie Apocalypse?

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cnn apocalypse weird Video - 67720449

Apocalyptic Anthem of the Day: This is CNN’s ‘Doomsday Video’

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Caught Being Lame!

lying apocalypse burn - 8291889920
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The Dawn of the Autobots

apocalypse what motorcycle - 8227039744
By thebun118

What Did You Eat?

apocalypse boyfriend facebook farts funny - 8083843328
By Unknown

Nothing to Do in the Apocalypse But Drink

beer apocalypse drinking funny sign - 8079735808
By Unknown
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