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TikToker Realizes Apartment Caught Fire, Smoke Alarm Never Goes Off

So sketch.
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An apartment manager makes a tenant's life miserable, so the tenant helps the apartment manager lose half the neighborhood's income.

Apartment Manager Makes Tenant's Life Miserable, Tenant Helps Them Lose Half Of Neighborhood's Income

Serves them right.
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A guy's former landlord decides to pay all of his old tenants years later.

Man's Former Landlord Pulls Saintly Gesture For Him

There are real life heroes out there.
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Former landlord has the audacity to tell lies to keep a tenant's security deposit, and then ends up getting reported to the IRS.

Former Landlord Tells Lies To Keep Deposit, Gets Reported To IRS For Tax Fraud

Shady landlords are relentless.
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A shady slumlord refuses to give a tenant back their security deposit, so the tenant puts the slumlord out of business.

Slumlord Refuses To Give Tenant Security Deposit, Tenant Puts Slumlord Out Of Business

That slumlord didn't know who they were playing with.
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Tenant with no air-conditioning does research about apartment regulations, and revenges with fines | reddit r/ProRevenge RuralRogue No Air Conditioning, enjoy fines Back 1993 had just graduated college. Since there wasn't any jobs anywhere near my home town moved Dallas area had small bit money left college, but knew wouldn't last found and rented cheapest apartment could find.

Tenant With No Air Conditioning Does Research, Revenges With Fines

Being cheap on those repairs can end up costing people in the long run.
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Landlord encourages a tenant to research their rights, the tenant does, and then a victory ensues | Hi friday sent payment on 11:03 .m. Hi no didn't waiting tell if leaving or staying like said. If stay, l'll pay rent. If not staying, then don't have pay rent October, as paid first and last moved Right? 11:09 .m. No said will continue make regular payments and will refund security deposit which us equal one month rent vacate way get back last month rent.

Landlord Encourages Tenant To Research Rights, Tenant's Victory Ensues

Nice try.
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Guy goes full wrath of Karen mode on sleazy landlord.

Guy Goes Full Wrath Of Karen Mode On Landlord

The inner Karen was awakened.
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Property manager refuses to return security deposit, so a pro revenge ensues | r/ProRevenge u/nascentia 1y Join Steal my security deposit and ignore year? Say goodbye staff and reputation. This initially began as petty revenge tale and one month later can finally won" and believe ended up wholly Pro. My petty revenge tale is here. EDIT: Apparently link isn't working everyone so screencap post is here: https R2ITWV6 don't need read first, though. So background! Around Thanksgiving 2017

Property Manager Won't Return Security Deposit, Pro Revenge Ensues

Everyone just needs to do the right thing.
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Landlord uses the rules to take down some terrible tenants | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/nygibs 1y 1 2 S 4 Tenant asking Landlord Be More Professional L am small-time Landlord, with just 4 tenants. Earlier this year had two sisters didn't respond my requests add gal's husband lease, though he living with them. Not BIG deal but did mention pit bull they also brought home, without permission DO allow pets, and had previously approved their other dog asked nicely person and by email months leading

Tenants Break All The Rules, Ask Landlord To Be More Professional

Oh, they had to go.
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Guy gets out of bad deal with lying landlord | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/low_myope 4 days ago would like adhere contract case require hotel until resolve all these issues oc L few years ago moved back city which university student. As now young professional and had experienced significant issues with housemates past (non-payment bills, having do all cleaning decided would rent small flat reputable agency which specifically catered young professionals' such as myself.

Dude Gets Contractual Revenge on Lying Landlord

He meant business.
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Woman discovers mysterious room behind bathroom mirror.

Woman Discovers Mysterious Room Behind Bathroom Mirror

This was straight up riveting.
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Landlord won't replace mailbox key, so tenant takes petty revenge. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/gladimanonymous 3d 1 2 7 e1 3 8 Landlord didn't want replace mailbox key (Not my story, but my boyfriend's) My boyfriend rented room apartment with 3 other guys he didn't know beforehand sucky landlord landlord did many sucky things, and he so deserved this and more story guys already lived there my bf moved and somehow they broke key mailbox before my bf moved with them. They had mailed landlord asking

Landlord Won't Replace Mailbox Key, Tenant Takes Revenge

Lazy landlords are the worst.
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Low-life landlord gets dealt major pro justice by a smart tenant | r/ProRevenge u/calcteacher 159d JOIN 1 3 3 Revenge on lowlife landlord who first deprived us heat and later kept our security deposit responded this post https redd./e243q0 and had mini blow up, with many encouraging repost here, so here is kid back 80s 2 years out college

Low-Life Landlord Dealt Justice By Tenant

This was quality.
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Landlord assumes that tenant doesn't know their rights, and tenant shows them otherwise. | r/ProRevenge Join u/archangelzad 17h Landlord thinks owe 8 months rent Didn't know knew tenant laws Okay not sure this goes here but here goes. This took place during middle 2018 my wife and 3 kids were looking new place rent because our current renter selling and had given us 60 notice move. During this time my wife's mother had friend lets call him Sam. Sam had 4 bedroom 2 bath house he middle remodeling

Landlord Assumes Tenant Doesn't Know Rights, Tenant Shows Them Otherwise

Got to know those tenant rights.
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tenant won't give up parking space for handicapped woman | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/itsmyparkingspot 17 hours ago 26 4 33 87 AITA refusing give my parking spot disabled woman live an apartment building comes with 1 spot parking garage. My spot is one closest elevator. 2 weeks ago apartment manager came talk and asked if would be willing give up my spot since disabled woman moving said sure would be happy switch spaces. He said misunderstood he asking give up space garage entirely

Tenant Refuses to Give Up Parking Spot for Disabled Lady

That's an awkward one.
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