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Life Saving Story of the Day: An Officer Helped a Man Change a Tire and Then Something Strange Happened...

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The Force is Not Strong Here

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By smadronia

Pic of the Day: These Ants Have Something to Say

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The Ant Nebula

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Via Levantine Vipre

All of Those Science Fiction Movies Were Wrong

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I Mean, Maybe You LIKE Your Coffee to Have a Little Spice

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Back in My Day, Us Ants Had to Work Way Harder!

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By SlightlySardonic
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The Amazing Physics of Ants

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Fruitfly Has Ants on it's Wings?

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By Unknown

Now You Are the New Ant King!

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By Unknown

At Least the Ants Will Be Germ Free

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By RE2LeonS
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Ant Escape!

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Ant Bully

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By Unknown

Public Restroom FAIL

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Failbook: They May Have Won the Battle, But the War Has Just Begun

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By Petit_Culotte

Ant Catching WIN

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