funny detailed answer to snail question

Absurd Snail Question Prompts Fabulously Detailed Answer

Not bad.
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Professional Mariner has cool quora answer | Quora Open App Sign open ocean, does surface ever go still like glass like lake on windless day?

Professional Mariner Has Cool Quora Answer

*Engage sea captain voice*
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Religious quora question gets answer that details how group psychology works | Quora Open App Sign Why do people get angry try share word God with them only do because care about them deeply and don't want them end up hell feel like some people avoid because this. Is there any way get through them?

Religious Quora User Gets Lesson In Group Psychology

It's all about those in-groups and out-groups.
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Person explains why Americans complain about America despite the nation's riches | Why do all Americans whine and bitch so much about being American? Seriously need start being proud yourselves and country. Many people would kill be an American and enjoy things moan about Why do complain so much tell why: Living united states is supremely fucked up cause one richest, most powerful juggernauts on planet, but average citizen has relatively infinitesimal access wealth and power, and very little the

American Explains Why Americans Still Complain About America

Yeah, that sounds about right.
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Frustrated tutor gives lazy student wrong answers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by DiaPsy He asked answers, didn't ask right ones used tutor subject my uni called 'Psychological Statistics is one major requirements any psychology related major and minor (any other science can take this place their statistics course if their

Frustrated Tutor Gives Wrong Answers to Lazy Student

He wanted answers and he got them.
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Person guilty over cat's death receives touching answer.

Person's Question About Grief over Losing Cat Turns Into Touching Feels Trip

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funny diy solutions

32 DIY "Solutions" People Had for Life's Many Problems

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Game show fails that would make Steve Harvey lose his sh*t

21 Game Show Fails That Would Make Steve Harvey's Mustache Explode

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jimmy kimmel life FAIL answer Awkward parenting Video - 82540033

Listening to Kids Try to Explain How Babies Are Made Will Help Remind You Just How Awkward Kids Are

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FAIL answer robots Video - 82011393

There is No Misunderstanding This Robot's Straight Forward Response to Wanting to Destroy Humans

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The Marination of Years of Hatred

The Marination of Years of Hatred
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If You Want Better Answers, Ask Better Questions

win image clever homework answer is technically right
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This Kid's Math Answer is Literally the Best

win kid has best 'show your thinking' maths answer
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Jeopardy answer Video politics - 135431

The Moment When Your Incorrect Jeopardy Answer Insults Liberals

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He Got It

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Are You Childish?

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