We're Going to Be Best Friends!

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It's a Sympathy Belly

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This is What Happens When You Announce Your Child's Birth at Work

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If You End Up Doing a Pregnancy Announcement in October...

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The Best Pregnancy Announcements Feature Bob Ross

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Help, I've Been Demoted!

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Couple Announces Their New Addition By Filming the Creation of a Mural

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Need Some Time For the News to Sink In?

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A New Take on Those Pregnancy Announcement Photos

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Just One More Thing on the List...

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Sorry, Kid

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Now Someone Read This to Me and Explain Why You're So Excited

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Watch This Man Open a Box to Find Out He's Going to Be a Dad

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Want to Tell People You're Pregnant? First, Ask Them to Pose For a Photo...

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We're Thrilled.

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So That's What Vanilla Ice is Doing These Days

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