All This, and I STILL Focus On the Crocs

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Japan Loves It's Beer Wenches

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You Chose Right, Nerd

drama anime relationships Overshare breakup failbook - 8364467712
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An Animated Classic on a Delicate Post-It Note

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We Lost Another One to Anime

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Murphy's Irish Stout Loves Anime

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Well, That's...Something...

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Trump Finally Lets His True Colors Fly

Text - Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow I love japen. Im Always watching animey and reading the mango Reply Retweet More Favorite 292 181 RETWEETS FAVORITES 6:12 PM - 15 Jun 13
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Someday Somebody Will Notice What's Going On With This Performance Review. Not Today.

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Portrait of a High School Student

anime venn diagram high school funny - 8120749312
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Just Watch Some Anime and Chill

anime online dating funny - 8085419520

"The Strongest Human in the World" Fails to Live Up to His Reputation

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If Liam Neeson Had His Own Dating Sim

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Handstand Abs Guy is Hands Down the Creepiest Single Topic Blog

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Way to Ruin the Fun, MOM

anime text sexy times mom - 8013706752

I'd Write His Name a Thousand Times If I Thought It'd Help

gifs anime justin bieber - 7994229760

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