A collection of times that kids had full on temper tantrums. | won't let him eat cat's food child crying next to a full pet bowl on the floor

Wildly Irrational Toddler Temper Tantrums

Kids are strange.
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supercut video of angry Gordon Ramsay smashing things

A Supercut of Angry Gordon Ramsay Smashing Things

Don't ever prepare raw salmon for this man.
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nice guys and nice girls and their cringeworthy toxicity

Nice Guys and Girls Who Smeared The Internet with Cringeworthy Toxicity

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Things that exist only to piss people off.

Things That Exist Almost Exclusively to Piss People Off

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A person leaves a review calling laptop repair business a scam and the owner responds.

Med Student Leaves Aggressive Review For Computer Repair Shop, Owner Responds with Fury

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police respond to road rage

Police Respond to Stupidest Road Rage Call They've Seen This Year

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cringe memes

15 Powerful Renegades Whose Strength and Focus Will Decimate the Weak

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things that caused calm chill people to snap

22 Normally Calm People Share What Made Them Flip a Sh*t

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hate twitter anger troll saturday night live - 532997

SNL Head Writer Colin Jost Tears Down Time Warner Cable over Twitter

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New Zealand Firm is Developing the Worst Customer Ever

work customer service science New Zealand Firm is Developing the Worst Customer Ever
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I Just Want My Cookie!!

anger art awesome boredom Cookie Monster cookies creativity in the workplace cubicle rage doodle drawing fridge politics hate hungry kitchen muppet office kitchen paper signs rage sass screw you signage snack machine snacks vending machine wiseass your ever-expanding ass - 3805474048
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Do You Meetings Ever Turn Up This Way?

anger angry awesome parliment politics rage rebel sass screw you Terrifying warfare - 3594509312
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Even Adults Would Rage at This

anger poem kids ice cream parenting poetry - 8388135936
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It's Healthy to Have Multiple Methods of Expressing Yourself

anger drawing kids parenting crayons g rated - 8188027136
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anger BBC News monday thru friday - 55909889

This Might Be the Best Possible Way to De-Stress From Work

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You're How Angry?

anger angry - 4947009280
By Lucky_Star
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