poorly designed parts of the human body

With Anatomical Hatred, People Commiserate Over the Most Poorly Designed Parts of the Human Body

Buttholes. What a sh***y design.
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17 Times Morons Tried To Grasp Sex Ed on Social Media

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Duck Army Beware, This is What They Look Like Chopped Open

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There Seems to be a Misunderstanding About Anatomy

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Anatomical Cards

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Technically Correct.

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Candy Anatomy Is Delicious and Informative

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Much Better

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The Anatomy of a Spider

all parts of the spider are terrible.
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Get Smart! 5 TedEd Videos About Your Anatomy

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The Nervous System Is a Tangled Mess

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All the Blood Vessels in Your Hand

that's a lot of blood vessels
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Do Your Organs Grow As You Grow?

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An Intro to Anatomy and Physiology

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Learn Some Anatomy and Physiology

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We've Found the Missing Link

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