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'I [had] had enough': Jealous cousin confronts nepo-privilage relative over her promotion

Sometimes the fact that you have “privilege”—an edge over the competition, if you will… is an undeniable fact and you need to acknowledge that fact . If (or when) you do that, you might find that you gain back a little bit of respect.
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'AITA for making an insurance claim': Internet torn over guy's decision to press charges against good samaritan who broke a window on his vehicle

Is this guy in the wrong for charging the kid for “breaking” a part of his vehicle? Should the kid not have touched the car—and is he automatically in the wrong for that? Either way, probably a good (painful) lesson for this young lad to not touch other people's things under any circumstances; you don't know what kind of a-holes there are out there looking to profit off of your good deed. It's this same kind of thing that caused a lot of places to put protections in place to protect first-aid g…
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'They all think [...] that I am putting money ahead of family': Manipulative theiving parents steal daughter's tuition money, get sued

Imagine growing up in a family that has no care for your future education, except for one—your aunt. She sets aside enough money for your education before tragically passing away. When you go to use the money, you find that your parents have been helping themselves to it. How do you feel? Betrayed? Hurt?.. What do you do about it? This post was written and shared to Reddit's r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by Redditor u/Accomplished_Bar5656, who shared her story with the popular subreddit to get the…
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'UPDATE: My Parents went ballistic': Twin steals coveted baby name of dead friend, internet sides with them before things boil over

What do you do when your twin brother steals the name you planned to give to your future daughter? Especially when you promised your dying friend to honor her by doing so. Reddit unexpectedly sided with the twin brother and his GF's decision to name their child “Amelia" which this Redditor, u/AITAbabynames, planned to give their future daughter. The name had been that of a childhood friend of u/AITAbabynames who had passed away from cancer at the age of 12. u/AITAbabynames swore they would name…
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Wife gets fed up with her husband's relationship with his "close" friend Carl, the internet is suspicious of their relationship.

This wife has finally reached her wit's end with her husband's relationship with his close friend Carl. The two are inseparable, and her husband even describes Carl as his "nicotine," He just can't quit "it." Things hit their breaking point when her husband invited Carl to accompany them on their couple's getaway. Her husband thought it wouldn't be a problem for them to cram Carl into their two-person room with only one bed. The wife got the shock of her life when she found out her husband plan…
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