Blue collar workers tell unspoken truths about their work

"Respect to Those That Understand": Viral TikTok About Blue Collar Life Has Commenters Getting Deep

The unspoken truths about this lifestyle.
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Culture Shocks Non-Americans Experienced In The States

America. It's not the only place that exists in the world, but to Americans it often sure feels like it. It's always a fun reminder that the way things are here are completely non-ubiquitous. A lot of stuff that seems extremely basic is just not a thing in other places. So hold up a glass for root beer and garbage disposals. For some less than flattering things that we do, here are some obnoxious things done by American tourists .
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Americans describe their biggest culture shocks when visiting Europe. | Witness-Worldly 5h Trains glorious, glorious trains.

Americans' Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting Europe

All those glorious trains.
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interesting things America has that europe doesn't have

Particular Things America Has That Europe Doesn't

But is the root beer worth it?
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things non-Americans like about America

Peculiar Things Non-Americans Like About America

There are some upsides.
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American things that confuse non-Americans

American Things That Baffle Non-Americans

It's a big place.
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A collection of non-Americans' biggest culture shocks about America.

Non-Americans Biggest Cultures Shocks With America

America's a strange land.
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A collection of funny tweets that sum up what the Midwestern culture is like. | WIDWEST Midwest vs Everybody @midwestern_ope OPE Name an extreme Midwest sport corn gets so tall can't see oncoming traffic at intersection 12:31 PM 7/2/20 Twitter iPhone

Hilarious Tweets Summing Up The Midwest

Sounds like quite the place.
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Tourists describe their favorite experiences with American food. | Allydarvel 2d Buffalo wings. Just loved sauce, and contrasting blue cheese dip. Also some cajun breakfast New Orleans. Game sausages cajun tomato sauce with eggs and suchlike Oh, can't forget Gualadajara skillet Chicago..all my workmates took piss cos kept going back diner

Tourists Favorite American Food Experiences

Those diners though.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the weirdest things about America that Americans don't realize are weird | Endless_intermission toilets are full water Australia water is much lower. No wonder complain about splashes on bum.

The Weirdest Things About America

Too much water in the toilets!
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An AskReddit thread about the weirdest habits in the U.S | Master-Manipulation 4d According my parents people giving them thumbs up their country origin, thumbs up middle finger US. So they kept jumping thinking they were being flipped off by random people. Took years them get used and understand no one trying insult them. Reply 1 5.2k

AskReddit Thread: Weirdest Habits In The U.S.

America is a strange land.
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A funny Tumblr thread uses cultural stereotypes to imagine various hilarious recipes | thirdtimecharmed american recipes: buy these three cans stuff and put them pan congrats cooked

Tumblr Thread: Cultural Stereotypes Inspire Hilarious Recipes

On point.
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Non-Americans share their biggest culture shocks when visiting America | jtel21 6h Honestly shocked at size portions at fast food outlets. Reply 323

Non-Americans Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting America

American Big Macs aren't messing around.
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A funny Tumblr thread breaks down the ridiculousness of America | pumpkin-kitty-kat Follow Do non-americans realize United States is literally just bunch countries trench coat agreed be semi-nice each other order sneak into Big Boy Club? Because let's be honest 's just USA is pumpkin-kitty-kat Follow rest world: So big country states, standing on each other's shoulders: Y- yes,,

Tumblr Thread: The USA Explained

Checks out.
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Lessons that non-USA students learned about America | bulletbender911 21h India, all they taught about USA USA discovered search India by Christopher Columbus" Reply 608

Lessons Non-USA Students Learn About America

Not as much as one might think.
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A collection of American habits that Americans didn't realize were so American | Small avocados. Went puerto rico like yo ill have like 6 those stuffed avocados Buddy like yo gringo think underestimate size our avocados here. Just have one and ill being more if want after had half one like football.

American Habits That Are So American

So American without even realizing it.
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