New Favorite Amazon Question and Answer Right Here

amazon customer service funny - 9061120256
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Favorite Customer Answer on Amazon

customer service amazon funny cards against humanity - 9058878208
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Still One of Our Favorite Funny Amazon Reviews to Date!

Funny Amazon review of the Incredible Hulk hands toy.
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Guy looking for gas mask comes across a very funny review for one on Amazon.

Guy Looking For Gas Mask Stumbles Across Comedic Gem of a Review On Amazon

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Science Has Officially Gone Too Far

Funny product description of bean bag.
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Guy leaves hilariously honest Amazon review about a hair removal product that will make you laugh till you cry.

Guy's Hilariously Honest Hair Removal Amazon Review Will Leave You In Tears

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Wonderfully Accurate Review Going On Here

Funny Amazon review for keyboard is super accurate and very entertaining.
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Oblivious mom leaves hilarious review for a sex product she thought was a kid's toy.

Oblivious Mom Leaves Glowing Review For a Sex Toy She Mistook as Toy For Her Kids

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Picture of phone from Amazon that is very small and fits in your hand or other body parts.

The Reviews Are In! This Tiny Phone Sold On Amazon Fits Snuggly In Your Butt and Is Perfect for Prison

When you get arrested, you only get one phone call, but with this handy little guy, you can make as many as you need. Amazon is currently selling a " Beat The Boss 3in1 " cellphone designed to do just that. With its compact design and rounded edges, you'll have no trouble at all shoving this thing where the sun don't shine and getting it behind bars. Yup, this is the perfect cellphone to cram into your ass and use in prison. Check out these specs: Wow! The size of a finger! Sounds like this is…
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amazon shopping ebay - 1644805

People Are Sharing Their Online Shopping Nightmares and They're Hilarious

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funny amazon review for a rumba

Guy Browsing Amazon For New Roomba Ends Up Coming Across Epic Review About Why You Can't Leave Device Home Alone With Pets

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amazon review for constipation aid

Dude's Illustrative Amazon Review for 'Constipation Aid' Device Deserves Nothing Short of Pulitzer Prize

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funny amazon reviews

Amazon Reviews Section for the Book 'Diseases Caused By Masturbation' Is a Comedic Goldmine

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amazon review for a phone case

Customers Are Frying This Ridiculous iPhone Case on Amazon Over It's Smell

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amazon technology Video win - 84684033

Watch This Boss of an Amazon Echo Calmly Pronounce Longest Place Name In Europe Like It's No Big Deal At All

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amazon reviews for boots that have hate symbols on their soles

Vicious Pack of Redditors Find out Boots Leave Swastikas in Footprints, and Take Over the Amazon Listing in Savage Fashion

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