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10 Bar Staff and Regulars Tell Times Men had to Get Away from Dangerous Dates

In recent years there's been a campaign to make bars less predatory by employing coded language, like asking your bartender for an “angel shot” to indicate that you might need help from the staff to get out of anything from simply a bad date to a potentially really dangerous situation. The idea is generally thought of as a tool for creeped-out women to get away from men, but occasionally the reverse will happen. Redditors on the community r/AskReddit had a large-scale discussion about those rev…
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Oh Snap

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By JosefoMeme

It's the Service You Need

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Via Ari2010

Who Doesn't Want to Be a Pirate

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Via Svenjolly

My Favorite Drinking Game

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Via Im Too Canadian

They Start So Young

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Via Sirjammy

A Perfect Spit-Take

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Via Cyanide & Happiness

Drunks, Now Known as Magicians

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Via Brown Cardigan

Now That's a Solution

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Via Nilzone

Pretty Much Everyone I Know

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Just Save Those Bottles & Cans

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By Unknown

I Wonder Why...

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By Luke Adcock

Are You a Drinking Enthusiast

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By Unknown

Self Diagnosis

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By Anthony

So Helpful!

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By Unknown


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Via Cyanide and Happiness
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