Vaping Karen gets called out during plane ride, later drops her luggage on a woman.

Entitled Karen Gets Called Out for Vaping on a Plane, Cue Karen Tantrum

This Karen knew exactly what she was doing and got exactly what she deserved.
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"2 airport Karens"

Man’s Vacation Ruined by Not One but Two Karens at the Airport

Imagine your trip to Florida being upended by run-ins with not one but two Karens at the airport.
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funny alliterative airline boarding call has a lot of 2's in it

The Stupidest Airline Bording Call Is a Self-Inflicted Tongue-Twister

What was that again?
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videographer told by TSA one electronic per tray and he has a lot of electronics

TSA Orders Videographer To Screen Electronics Individually, He Has Dozens

It was a long day at the airport.
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wtf airport baggage russian Video luggage - 107228929

Russian Dude Finds His Way Among The Baggage At Airport

That's not how that works.
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A "wild" Karen gets bested by a petty revenge while at the airport | r/pettyrevenge posted by BookwyrmsRN Current petty revenge progress airport edition. Well. This is developing story edit and update as happens flying Houston Florida today work. There is plenty time before my flight starts boarding.

Wild Karen Gets Bested By Petty Revenge At Airport

A wild Karen appeared, and was dealt with smoothly.
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Man lives to regret cracking dad jokes while he's at the airport | r/tifu Join u/axiomatic 15h TIFU by making dad jokes security line at airport. M Happened few minutes ago and only resulted minor embarrassment reprimand be careful about my jokes, and slight delay getting through security. So at airport this morning with film crew about fly on special flight during covid visual effects supervisor (relevant further on) and am waiting line with crew as get our bags scanned security guy asks if

Man Lives To Regret Cracking Dad Jokes At Airport

Guy definitely had a blast.
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Airport Karen yells at everyone, and doesn't realize she has TSA pre-check. | r/pettyrevenge u/wallywoofdog 73d Join 1 Airport Karen decides show up 30 minutes before flight few years ago my college sports team flying out competition were flying out our own town which has notoriously quick and easy airport experiences those us who know well flying alone 's generally no sweat show up only an hour before, or even less, but this is ALWAYS risk all airports even small ones. Our team 20 people showed

Airport Karen Pitches A Fit For No Reason

Karen was her own worst enemy.
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Video of crabs escaping all over baggage carousel at airport.

Crab Spill at Baggage Claim

Wherever they came from, there sure are a lot.
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FAIL airport cringe crime TSA ridiculous Video stupid - 100920065

TSA Agent Caught Stealing iPad, Repeatedly Denies It

The audacity is mind blowing.
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customer service airport Japan Travel Video flying - 100477697

Japanese Airport Employees Handle Luggage With Extra Care

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crazy scary airport dangerous Video airplane - 100304385

Plane Skids Off Runway At O'Hare Airport In Snowstorm

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twitter airport awesome social media dangerous Video win - 751110

Airport Ramp Worker Stops Out Of Control Vehicle

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security child bag toddler airport amazing TSA airplane - 98608129

Toddler Achieves Our Childhood Dream of Riding Airport Bag Conveyer

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Training To Not Miss Flights Be Like

Via RedFace
funny elf on the shelf photoshop

Airports Engage In Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Photoshop Battle On Twitter

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