airline won't pay employee ten dollars to be proper ground lead, loses thousands

Management Won't Pay 10 bucks For Ground Crew, Loses Airline Thousands

It's all about preperation.
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funny airline staff descriptions

Honest Descriptions of Airline Staff Are As Enlightening As They Are Cynical

Every workplace has a story.
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funny alliterative airline boarding call has a lot of 2's in it

The Stupidest Airline Bording Call Is a Self-Inflicted Tongue-Twister

What was that again?
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FAIL airline ridiculous traveling stupid airplane - 98320897

First Time Flier Believes Airline Luggage Conveyor Belt Will Take Her Directly To Her Plane

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twitter drunk airline prank ridiculous Travel funny - 7988229

Drunk Guy Loses His ID So Travel Agency Surprises Him In The Best Way

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twitter FAIL airline ridiculous airplane - 8042501

Wow Air Suddenly Ceases Operations And Sends Stranded Passengers Into A Frenzy

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airline misspells its own name

Clueless Airline Gets Roasted For Misspelling Its Own Name On Side Of A Plane

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female pilot reveals sexist comments she's been told

Female Pilot Twitter Rants About Passengers' Sexist Remarks

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FAIL lies airline funny - 84241665

YouTube Vlogger Gets Debunked Directly by Airline on Twitter after Claiming He Was a Stowaway on One of Their Flights

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funny message from airline related to trump being elected

Airline Tweets Sassy Remark About Election Day Just In Time to Piss Donald Trump Off

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Music airline Video airplane g rated win - 69565441

Bored on the Plane? How About Some Flying Music?

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Delta Airline Gets its Facebook Hacked by Giggling Middle-School Boys.

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Whoever Runs the Spirit Airlines Twitter Account Clearly Doesn't Care Anymore

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Lawsuit of the Day: Orbitz, United Sue Kid Who is Gaming Air Travel Ticketing

news lawsuit airline business - 8414546944

Malaysia Airlines Continues on a Roll of Bad Decision Making

news airline Probably bad News airplane - 8307938560
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Jetstar Just Saved a Bunch of Stoners a Trip to the Clink

drugs airline Probably bad News - 8272774656
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