funny memes for millennials

Millennial Memes For The Aching Backbone of The Economy

Get back to looking at memes.
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moments people realized they were old

Ways People Realized They Weren't Young Anymore

Next stop, Golden Corral.
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Things people understood only after getting older. | steviebergwijn 21.9k points 3 days ago 2 3 2 3 2 O Why 's so annoying forget take chicken out freezer

Things People Only Understood After Getting Older

Is it bedtime yet?
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funny moments people realized they were old | jellybellymom More fell down at work and no one laughed. Instead three people came running over make sure ok.

The Moment People Realized They Were Old

It can strike at any time.
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things people liked as kids but hate as adults | FizzyBeverage 28.2k points 6 days ago Jumping down 3-4 steps at time. My knees won't put up with nonsense now

Things People Liked as Kids but Hate as Adults

Lunchables aren't that good.
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Things people didn't expect about being an adult | Chaseybabe 19.9k points 12 hours ago many adults actually dislike younger thought my parents liked all our neighbours, all my teachers, all my coaches, etc since found out they thought most people were morons kind like do.

Factors People Didn't Anticipate about Adulthood

There are a lot of elements that are hard to expect.
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Wholesome advice from middle age people to young people | JayParty 8.8k points 3 days ago 10 More Don't fall trap life needs be one long narrative should be building. Life is best s bunch happy moments just happen be connected. Don't try make life into novel, make book poems.

Wholesome Advice for People In Their 20s

Oh yeah and start flossing.
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Memes about the realities of aging | man screaming while a hurricane sandstorm approaches behind him | 40s People born 80s 's coming

Memes about The Brutal Reality of Not Being 20 Anymore

All of a sudden things hurt and sleep is more important.
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app shows you what you look like as an old person

There's an App That Makes You Old Now for All the Impatient People out There

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30 year old share 20s regrets

30 Year Olds Share Their Biggest Regrets over Their 20s

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growing up, getting old

25 Tweets About Aging That'll Probably Hit Way Too Close To Home

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what it's like to grow old

Man's Bittersweet Story About What It Feels Like To Grow Old Is A Feels Trip

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being in your 30's tweets

Tweets About Being in Your 30s That Will Give You an Existential Crisis

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Moments That Made People Realize They Were Old

16 Moments That Made People Realize They Were Old

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mothers parenting inspiring aging Video - 283655

Another Perspective on How We Think About Our Mother's as We Grow Older

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The Wizard of Old

aging Kansas wizard of oz - 5884624640
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