funny designs, logos and ads

Design Fails And Dumb Ads That Could Have Used Some More Thought

"Good enough."
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old paris subway station twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Revealing A Forgotten Parisian Subway Station

Ah yes, the retro metro.
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advertisement absurd Thai lol thailand perfect amazing genius funny - 107687169

Thai Cough Pill Ad Proves Once Again That Thai Ads Are Absolutely Excellent

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Funny motivational Thai anti-drinking ad

Thai "Stop Drinking" Ad Is As Direct As It Is Inspiring

And it's as simple as that, kind of.
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funny ad for horrible chihuahua adoption

Woman Posts Ad For Prancer, The Most Irredeemable Dog

What more is there to say?
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cool practical effects for an ad with no cgi

Mind-Bending Japanese Ad Features No CGI

For a sports drink, of all things.
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Funny stupid and ridiculous ads and signs | SONIC America's Drive- CHICKEN LOSES JOB CHICKEN IS BROKE CHICKEN STRIPS $3.79 pun about an unemployed chicken becoming a stripper

Weird, Stupid and Funny Signs and Ads

Who greenlit this stuff?
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Old Pepsi commercial advertises 16 ounce size for three people.

Old Pepsi Commercial Stresses 16 oz is for Three People

That's embarrassing.
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Funny advertisement for public library

Ad for Public Library Is Better Than It Should Be

Thanks, Curbside Larry.
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Funny facebook roast of tight shirted model | Father Sons Sponsored O FATHERSONSCLOTHING.COM NEW Ultra Stretch Super Slim Shirt Collection SHOP NOW | he farts see bubble go up back his shirt 885 10w Like Reply View 39 previous replies Abby Heaton Does clothing line come with free steroid cycle? 201 10w Like Reply View 1 previous reply m need PEACE N Do these come adult sizes? O0219 9w Like Reply View 1 previous reply pa K. Take this only comes Avengers sizes O 160

Absurdly Tight Shirt Gets Roasted In The Comments

Are those buttons or rivets?
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Manipulative and bad products and ads | Best By: JUN 18 2021 Lot# CO02320c LOMBARDI QUALITY PROQUCTS ALL NATURAL AVOCADO OIL PLUS 9649 PAREVE SPANISH BLEND Calcium 0 Iron Percent Daily Value (DV) based on 2,000 calorie diet. 00 Ingredients: Canola Oil Up 10% Avocado Oil Distributed by: Smart Foods LLC Los Angeles, CA 90065 Packed USA Product Italy | Women Baos Walets Bags Printed Backpack with Zip Closure SAR 20SAR 12 Save SAR 8 (40N Earn 1 Shukran Colour Size fabulous

Deceptive Ads and Products Made by Jerk-Holes

The old bait and switch is still alive and well.
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Weird Burger king commercial features a man eating a hamburger like a snake.

Guy Eats Like A Snake In Old Korean Burger King Commercial

It has its own song.
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Deceptive things designed by jerks | deceptively big box of sugared cookies that only holds five pieces, despite being big enough to fit more. peeled off sticker that reads "microwave safe, dishwasher safe" on top of a another sticker that reads the exact opposite

Manipulative Ads, Products and Services Designed by Jerks

Gotta keep your eye out.
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Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Pizza Hut Ad from the 90s.

The Time Gorbachev Did a Pizza Hut Ad In The 90s

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Manipulative and terrible products.

Deceptive and Terrible Products and Services Designed By Jerks

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advertisement computers technology ads ridiculous apple funny - 99802881

Apple's 1984 "Big Brother" Advertisement

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