A collection of the most ridiculous reasons that adults threw temper tantrums. | fermenttodothat 2d My dad started yelling at self checkout because kept telling him put things back bagging area.

Most Ridiculous Reasons Adults Threw Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums can happen to the best of us.
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A collection of the pettiest things that parents' kids won't let them forget.

Kids' Pettiest Grievances With Their Parents

Kids effortlessly complicate things.
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A collection of times that kids had full on temper tantrums. | won't let him eat cat's food child crying next to a full pet bowl on the floor

Wildly Irrational Toddler Temper Tantrums

Kids are strange.
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A collection of stories from people that did petty things to kids | DingDongDutchie 3h My swimming teacher removed my inflatable armbands while swimming deep part pool because not paying enough attention out excitement. Reply

Pettiest Things Adults Did To Kids

Oh, just don't.
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Stories of total BS people had to deal with in childhood | Avocado_3492 20.8k points 1 day ago My mom finding cigarette backyard, accusing having stolen friend's mom's cigarettes secretly smoke there and grounding despite not having done any such thing like 9 at time

People's First Encounters with Total BS

That stuff sticks with you.
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A collection of memes and tweets about the struggles of adulting | tweet by Mrs. Math Teacher @MrsMathTeachr Baby boomers blame millennials everything BUT WHO PUT CARPET OVER ALL THESE HARDWOOD FLOORS PATRICIA 5/3/18, 8:36 am

Memes And Tweets About Adulting Struggles

The adulting life is filled with struggles.
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jokes kids tired parenting Memes family dumb adults funny stupid children - 8900869

18 Parenting Jokes and Memes for Exhausted Gremlin Owners

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coloring book dark humor ridiculous adults funny - 7993605

Adults Do Coloring Books And Things Take A Dark-Humored Turn

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childbirth FAIL childhood tweets dumb food adults illegal Justin Timberlake funny beliefs stupid - 6427909

20 Dumb Things People Believed as Kids

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clueless adults

10 Absolutely Ridiculous Things People Had To Explain To Hilariously Confused Adults

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15 Relatable Things Adults Would Do If They Were Still Kids

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Collection of things you never thought you'd have to explain to an adult.

26 Things You Never Saw Yourself Explaining to An Ignorant Adult

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tantrum Awkward parenting adults - 1627653

14 People Reveal the Most Ridiculous Adult Temper Tantrums They've Ever Endured

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11 Years Will Do That Too You

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Via MT3

Adult Bottles Are Always Better

bottle beer kids adults - 8119746560
By super579

You Grew Up a Lot Since You Were 10

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By Unknown
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