relatable memes about adulthood

Adulthood Memes For Those Who Have Laundry Waiting

What a time.
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A collection of tweets that encapsulate adulthood. | Swishergirl @Swishergirl24 Welcome adulthood. Hope enjoy panic attacks.

Tweets About The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Adulthood

Oh, to be young again.
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A collection of ridiculous things that people had to explain to adults | Its-my-dick box 16h Jurassic Park wasn't real place wish joking. Reply 6.1k

Ridiculous Things Explained To Adults

Growing up is hard.
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Moments that people realized they weren't kids anymore | letionbard 15h some doctors or teachers are younger than Reply 1 2.3k

Moments People Realized They Weren't Kids Anymore

To be a kid again.
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person realizing they're not a child anymore when asking for cleaning supplies for their birthday

34 Times People Realized They Weren't A Child Anymore

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memes about adulthood and growing up

21 Memes That Capture the Struggles of Adulthood

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