Deaf kids learn about how farts work | Anna Trupiano Monday at 2:30 PM O Today 1st grade one my Deaf students farted loudly class and other students turned look at them following is snippet 15 minute conversation happened entirely American Sign Language among group Deaf students and. Kid 3 do know which farts they can hear and which farts they can't Hmmm know sometimes can feel butt move fart lot those they can hear. But if butt doesn't move 's more likely they didn't hear Kid 1: TELL THEM STOP

Deaf Kids Learn About Farts

Teaching deaf kids about how farts work is hilariously wholesome.
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A funny Tumblr thread about a strange cat | remember-there--mist Today shut my cat fridge. Okay, so here's deal. Tali loves fridge don't know why, but every single time open she bolts and jumps She crawls into back fridge and nestles int smallest little corner she can. Now naturally, my biggest fear has been l'll close fridge without knowing she's there. And course, today went go grab my Brita filter pour myself some water wasn't really watching fridge, and just opened and closed really quickly

Strange Cat Loves Being In The Fridge

We're all prone to moments of weirdness.
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Taddy the skate cat first ever cat snowskate

Cat Does Snowboard Tricks, It's Awesome

Look at that cool cat go.
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kid interrupts mother during bbc interview

Cute Interruption During BBC Interview

Love a good interview interruption.
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Woman tells hilarious story about a Pomeranian dog in funny Twitter thread | Text - Merry Priest (rhymes with Cherie Priest) @cmpriest Things overheard whilst a zippy Pomeranian named "Chunk" escaped his yard and chased after me while I walked Greyson and Lucy this morning. A thread:

Woman On Twitter Tells Hilarious Story Of Runaway Pomeranian

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Sally Pearson athlete wholesome interview

Aussie Woman Gives Wholesome Sports Interview

Some inspiring stuff right here.
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Dad misplaces his daughter's hamster, and then a heartfelt breakdown ensues | Padre Please call soon as get this 's an emergency dad do not freak out 's just hamster will find him Delivered

Dad Misplaces Daughter's Hamster, Breakdown Ensues

Crisis averted this time around for dad.
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africa by toto sung by villagers on animal crossing

Animal Crossing Villagers Perform "Africa" By Toto

Solid internet moment.
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A collection of funny moments from parents about the ridiculous stuff their kids do | Reese's Puffs SWEET &CRUNCHY CORN PUFFS MADE WITH REAL REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER PER COP why did do this | captain corrigan @sophiaallenx So my 4 year old nephew asked draw him Harry Potter, he then excitedly shouted DO LEGS stick figure legs attached to a detailed drawing of a head

Kidtastic Moments Of Hilarious Proportions

Kids are the living expression of chaos.
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Fox steals a phone chase video

A Fox Running Off With a Phone

*Thrilled fox noises*
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Son teaches his mom how to text, and it's adorable | Mom three can put different color on one side if she wants and they can change day day. If she wants do ,get 1and half yd each Ok 's neat l'll ask 8:33 AM So proud learning send text messages are so silly still can't find question mark 8:37 do get 1and half yd e 88 Mom 8:33 AM So proud learning send text messages Text message

Son Teaching Mom To Text Is Wholesome Gold

This is just great.
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child realizes his dad is driving a train

Engineer's Son Realizes Dad Is Driving Passing Train

Doesn't get much cuter than that.
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Collection of wholesome greentexts from people spreading light in the world | Anonymous No.56627033 >go kfc >super cute cashier stares eyes wow hair looks so good t-thanks everybody says Should cut dont listen them :3 crying wojak npc wearing a smiling mask

Wholesome Greentexts Full Of Light And Goodness

Take a break from all the fails and light up that world with some wholesome.
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Tumblr user has adorable names for their misfit cats | followthebluebell Roomba literally just sitting tub water while Pepe holds down her towel. chonky cat named potato.

Tumblr User Has The Best Names For Misfit Cats

So much cuteness.
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cute video of a beaver carrying carrots in its mouth and paws

Beaver Drags Carrots Home For His Family

This beaver is working harder than the rest of the world.
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AskReddit replies to pet owners revealing their animals' quirkiest behavior | posted by Uparupa212 have cat plays fetch with his stuffed animals. He also gets annoyed don't throw stuffed animal far enough, and loves chase down stairs into basement.

Pet Owners Reveal Their Animals' Quirkiest Behavior

The quirkier the better when it comes to pets being weird.
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