A relatable Twitter thread on what it's like to live with ADHD.

Relatable Twitter Thread On Life With ADHD

It can be quite the rollercoaster.
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Man goes on passionate Twitter rant about what his experience is like living with ADHD.

Twitter Thread: Man Details His Experience Living With ADHD

He didn't hold back.
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bad professor doesn't let student with ADHD use tablet, gets fired | Posted by u/KiSpacePanda Tell drop class if don't like rules? Okay, then lose 5 students and job. oc M This happened years ago but post on here reminded So freshman college registered basic ass English 102 course doubled as humanities credit thought “great, two birds one stone" despite Rate My Professor this class being abysmal at best.

Rude Professor Won't Allow ADA Compliant Tablet, Pays for It

Why be like this?
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Wholesome Tumblr thread about parenting kids that have ADHD | good-ho-mens S good-ho-mens just informed by my mom do fact have ADHD and reason thought didn't because ever since seven whenever got super energetic my mom would have go chop wood so now l'm feeling ADHD go chop wood and thought just some sort routine started little and wanted blow off steam

Tumblr Thread: Wholesome Mother's Parenting Strategy For ADHD

Nothing like chopping some wood to quiet the mind.
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Twitter Thread on ADHD symptom rejection sensitive dysphoria | paintedbees There are lot symptoms ADHD are just awful live with, but one takes cake by far is rejection sensitivity dysphoria. This fucker, THIS FUCKER will fly ona broom and shit all over good day ll take thing love and make loath | out enjoying an activity with friends, something been looking forward something excited and passionate about. And then--someone might say or do something innocuous like ok ok, calm down

Twitter User Explains Their Most Hated ADHD Symptom

Sounds like a day ruiner.
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A powerful Twitter thread breaks down what it's like to live with ADHD | Jana O'Connor @sayitslp Thread NeurodiverseSquad no one has ever explained #ADHD or #executivedysfunction quite like Sarah Ward swardtherapy and need share awesome speech therapist with an 8yo son with ADHD background.

Twitter Thread: Living With ADHD

An enlightening thread, for sure.
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People Who Can't Spot Fake News Make ME Sick, Actually

Via dr__kitty

Unless You Actually Have ADHD This is Going to be More Effective

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adhd add psychology funny failbook g rated - 50096385

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

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The Health Food Debate

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