Engrish Funny: I prefer my water without water

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You Don't Have to Look Far to Find More Fails

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Created by ilikepie10111

No Prescription Needed FAIL

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Created by beeleehor
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Yoda Ramen WIN

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Are You a Negligent Parent Who Can't Even Remember Your Child's Birthday? Then the iPhone 4S Is the Perfect Phone for You!

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The McRib Made Me Boneless

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Good Clean Christian Fun

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Created by BRvet

Anno Dumbini

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Created by Alex

Best Beer Brands Ever

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Created by finelytuned ( Via Monte Carlo Vegas )

Stop Trying to Trick Us

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Business Model FAIL

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Sports FAILure: Something Is Horribly Wrong With Michael Strahan's Fingers

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FAIL Nation: 50 Cent Special FAIL

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Ad Location WIN

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Marketing WIN

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