Marketing WIN

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He's a Lot Older Yhan He Looks

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Created by nitromitro

Creepy Elephant WIN

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Shrewd, Verizon

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Hey Buddy, Is Your Refrigerator Running?

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Sugar Daddy for Hire

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Puss Brought His "O" Face

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You Know Your Love Life Is Bad When You're Sitting at Your Computer in Your Underwear

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For Everyone Who Might've Had A Little Too Much Trick-Or-Treating Last Night

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Used Hard or Hardly Used?

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Created by thepeterlong

The Only Energy Will Be From the People Running Away From You

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They Used Too Much Tongue

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Alternative Holiday FAIL

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With Anchovy and Hatred Topping

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Didn't Know It Was That Kind of Sale

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Real Estate Ad FAIL

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See all captions Created by colter

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