tumblr thread on talking to kids like they're people

Tumblr Thread: Talking To Kids Like They're People

Not a bad idea.
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funny achievements people don't tell anyone | _dontjimthecamera 39.3k points 12 hours ago 3 8 12 3 15 5 my public speaking class had give speech on procrastination wrote speech an hour before class my feedback notes told had great preparation.

People's Biggest Flexes They Tell No One

The skill.
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Stories from history of times someone just did something themselves | pyrangarlit 35.0k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago John Snow (not one father epidemiology No one believed him Cholera outbreak is now Soho because contaminated water pump. He broke They arrested him vandalism and held him until outbreak suddenly ended

"I'll Do It Myself" Moments in History

Takin' care of business.
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high school reunion transformations

15 People Share How Their Classmates Transformed (or Didn't) at High School Reunions

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Lame Achievements

17 Achievements That Sounds Great but Aren't

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