Extremely Sarcastic Video Making Fun Of French Customer Service Goes Viral On Tiktok| thumbnail text - what its like to be a foreigner in france. ice coffee with MILk? and you wonder why you are so f***ing fat, woman

Extremely Sarcastic Video Making Fun Of French Customer Service Goes Viral On Tiktok

‘And you wonder why you are so fat’
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news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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streaming FAIL language lol accent Video Tongue Twister - 107425025

Scottish Streamer Realizes He Is Incapable Of Saying "Purple Burglar Alarm"

She sells seashells by the purple burglar alarm.
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Guy decides to fake a British accent for 12 years due to a moment during childhood.

Guy Panics, Fakes British Accent, Follows Him Around For 12 Years

Strangely enough, understandable.
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speaking spanish with a southener redneck accent

Guy Speaks Spanish With A USA Southerner Accent

Nailed it.
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thanksgiving freakout parenting dad angry ridiculous accent funny Video boston - 100534529

Passionate Dad Pops Off Over Turkey Being Cooked In Microwave

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cringe London reporter ridiculous accent Video culture - 97531905

News Presenter From London Tries To Correct Pronunciation Of Guy From Middlesbrough

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Game of Thrones actors TV ridiculous accent television - 96872449

Game Of Thrones Actors Who Sound Absolutely Nothing Like Their Characters

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scottish twitter jokes strange language tweets silly dumb stories accent funny - 6797573

15 Scottish Tweets That Are Hilarious If You Can Decipher Them

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russian shuts down person who makes fun of her accents

Russian Woman Unleashes Savage Comeback On Person For Mocking Her Accent

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Social Experiment australia stereotypes accent funny Video culture - 432390

Foreigner Tries To Fool Australian Locals After Learning Accent

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Some of our favorite moments when Scottish people used Twitter and spelled out sentences like their accents would sound

50 Moments of Pure Scottish Twitter Gold

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How They Do the Road Signs in Boston

sign cars accent boston - 8299013376
Via Alligator Sunglasses

Warning: You May Still Be Drunk

vodka russian accent funny - 8121665280
Via Unknown

Get *thbbt* A *thbbt* Job *thbtt*

iPhones accent - 7401169664
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dr seuss accent Video - 49349377

Dr. Seuss Gets Even Weirder in Over 50 Accents

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