A strict professor wants a student to prove that they're trying to improve their grades, so they do just that.

Strict Professor Wants Student To Prove They're Trying To Improve Their Grades, Malicious Compliance Ensues

A+ work right there.
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A student has to do all the work on a group project, so a pro revenge ensues.

Student Has To Do All The Work On Group Project, Pro Revenge Ensues

A+ work on that one.
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A physics professor calmly deconstructs the flat earthers | Let's say don't believe world is round can one prove world is round Pedro Teles, PhD Physics, University Porto (2007) Updated Wed Buy ticket Paris. Say arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport. Take RER B Gare du Nord. At Gare du Nord, switch RER metro and take line 4, direction Mairie de Montrouge. Get off at station Réaumur- Sébastopol now be on Boulevard Sébastopol, take left (or right, depending on where exit Rue Réaumur and walk about 2

Understanding Physics Professor Dismantles Flat Earthers

Checkmate flat earthers.
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A teacher ends up using gummy bears to fight back against the education system.

Teacher Uses Gummy Bears To Retaliate Against The System

Oh boy, those good old gummy bears.
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A collection of yearbook quotes from humorous students.

Humorous Yearbook Quotes That Echoed Into Eternity

A+ for creativity.
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Student's group project teammates won't help out, so a pro revenge ensues. | r/ProRevenge Join u/Starting TOSAV 3h Make Do All Science Fair Project Throw Under metaphorical) Bus! So this is bit read, Perdóname. Also tried posting this on PettyRevenge, but didn't work so, please tell if did petty or Pro revenge here: Cast Pathological Liar Sheep Boy Amazing Teacher as StartingToSAV

Student's Group Project Teammates Won't Help, Pro Revenge Ensues

Group projects are the worst.
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kid faints during spelling bee contest but wins anyway

Kid Faints In Middle Of National Spelling Bee, Gets Up, Spells Word Right

What a champion.
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Professor insists that student puts lengthy essay on one page, so student complies. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Lunatic976 5d 10 3 6 3 4 8 3 1 need long essay on SINGLE page Yes, ma'am. M college sophomore had this professor, Mrs. Wang Religion Studies who would act like her subject should be our top priority. Although came different majors, Religion Studies is just filler subject needed students this Catholic college.

Professor Insists On Lengthy Essay Being On One Page, Students Comply

Tough luck, teach.
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Student writes a joke essay about flat earth, and the school takes it way too seriously. | r/tifu Join u/Ausome_Face 22h 1 E 1 TIFU by making my school think flat- Earther and causing an anti-flat-Earth program be put into freshman science curriculum M This actually happened two years ago, but change curriculum came into effect yesterday. Two years ago sophomore high school assigned persuasive essay on whatever topic chose had include cited research my honors English class decided would be fun

Student Writes Joke Essay About Flat Earth, School Takes It Seriously

Must've been some great writing.
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An ex-advisor plagiarizes someone's work, gets exposed, and then loses her job | r/ProRevenge Join u/RelativelySorrowfull 20h 1 81 My ex-advisor plagiarized my work, so exposed her and cost her job. Just found out about this subreddit and had share this story initial reason revenge happened 2013, but revenge only happened 2017 keep everything vague as not be recognized context: Back 2013 graduate student pursuing my master's degree my last year program had 24 months finish all work and dissertat

Ex-Advisor Plagiarizes Work, Gets Exposed, Loses Job

Completely appropriate.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the lies that people were told in college | CalmingVisionary 1d smart and mature people go college No matter college attended, or campus visited and regardless their Alma mater, there are fair amount fools on any campus and any school, and an expected number people still experiencing growing pains adulthood. This isn't say they shouldn't be proud their academic accomplishments or happy about their career prospects. Rather is simply they are by all means defic

Biggest Lies People Heard About College

College is full of surprises.
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student reciting lord of the rings lines before a test cringey video

Student Shouts Lord Of The Rings Speech Before Test, Nobody Responds

Hopefully the test went better.
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Student takes down a business over a grade | r/ProRevenge Join u/AbortRetrylmplode 3y Nuked business orbit because got D- This revenge story is two years making and is long, so my apologies. Two years ago started distance PhD program. My very first full semester program consisted an intro course which is basically "Welcome back school. Here's do research. Here's do APA citations LOT focused on proper APA writing and one first assignments just doing simple abstract. Okay can do pull out my trusty

Student Nukes Business From Orbit Over A D-

Business had it coming.
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Classmates steal a student's homework, so they proceed to set them up to fail | r/ProRevenge Join u/Mikerue7 2d Half Class Fails Midterm after Cheaters Copy TL;DR at end don't have problem helping classmates really don't even tutored several classmates during my final semester undergrad because they needed help. They all ended up passing their classes with my assistance.

Classmates Steal Student's Work, Student Sets Them Up To Fail

Best revenge is living well.
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Mean teacher loses students' papers, fails half of the class, student reports her | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/[deleted 1y Want fail half class because lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement! So this happened during senior year high school 4 years ago had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or she liked refer herself, Dr. Smith (she didn't have doctorates mean old bat hated anything and everything. She ugly inside and out.

Mean Teacher Loses Students' Papers, Fails Half Of Class, Student Reports Her

A+ work on the revenge.
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Guy intentionally puts the wrong answers on his test to get a cheating bully to fail | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/mountaintrekker 6h Threaten beat up my roommate, enjoy failing class During my second year college lived with 3 friends house had another 4 other guys living on other side house two sides house had lot mutual friends as my roommates had known them high school. So had tons parties together during year and got along pretty good until few months before final exams.

Loyal Friend Tricks Cheating Bully Into Failing Test

He intentionally put on the wrong answers to get the bully to fail.
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