funny petty tenant gives landlord many notices

Spurned Tenant Spams Crap Landlord With Notices

May pettiness reign.
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funny puns, clever dad jokes and wordplay

Punintentionally Punishing Puns and Worldly Wordplay

Are puns even good?
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absurd safety failures

Safety-Failures That Would Make OSHA Weep

Great work.
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stupid funny facepalm moments

Facepalm Moments Of Profound Dumbitude

Here we go.
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Customer service stands up to Karen secret shopper, then she gets fired

Secret Shopper Karen Is Too Much of A Karen, Gets Fired

The Karen is too strong in this one!
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funny and dumb bootleg, knockoff and ripoff products

Bold and Absurd Bootlegs and Ripoffs

Interesting branding.
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failures, mistakes, messes and people having a bad day

Unfortunate Moments of Failure and Chaos

This is the world we live in. Watch out for geese.
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horrible sound of a wood press

Wood Press Sounds Like It's Straight Out of Horror Movie

The sound of fiber board is the sound of anguish.
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entitled people and their horrible antics

Entitled People and Their Absurd Games

It never ends.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart

Bragging Brain Lords Who Believe They're Geniuses

And they're here to clog up the comments section.
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Karens being entitled and horrible

Entitled Karens Who Karen'd All Over The Place

What a sight to behold.
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Lies peoples parents told them as kids

Dumbest Lies People's Parents Told Them

Childhood was interesting.
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funny tumblr posts

Tumblr Gems of The Random, Shiny Variety

Shine on you eclectic diamond.
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funny and stupid design fails

Dumb Design Failures That Somehow Got Through

Interesting creative decision.
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entitled people and stupid demands

Entitled Folks And Their Never-Ending Demands

So reasonable and level-headed.
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selfish, trashy and wtf behavior

Trashtacular Moments of Shameless Garbage-osity

Faith in humanity lost.
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