Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People With Their Fantastical Demands

Good luck with that.
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The most suck-up and brown-noser behavior at people's jobs

The Worst Work Suck-Ups People Witnessed

"Good morning sir, I've warmed your chair for you."
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funny "not my job" moments of unprofessionalism

"Not My Job" Moments of Incompetent Unprofessionalism

Woops, whatever.
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Job offers 20 dollars and hour and pays 10, calling it a typo

Job Offers $20 An Hour, Pays $10, Tries To Call It A Typo

Oh that's upsetting.
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funny times kids were weird and dumb

Conclusive Proof That Kids Are Dumb And Weird

What's their deal?
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funny jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Mercifully Lift The Unamused Out Of Boredom

Hoist those spirits.
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mom demands refund from artist claiming demonic imagery

Mom Demands Refund From Artist After Discovering "Demonic" Imagery

Sure thing lady.
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customer wants hot coffee, boss heats it up way too much

Customer Demands Hotter Coffee, Manager Goes Full Throttle

The customer is always something.
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repairman lets strange dog into customer's house

Repair Tech Lets Nice Dog Into Customer's House, Both Think It's The Other's Dog

Confidence can take you anywhere.
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entitled people and their ridiculous demands

Entitled People and Their Ridiculous Audacity

Who and why?
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funny stupid spelling fails

Spelling Failures That Really Shift The Bed

Words are hard.
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funny off brands, knockoff and bootleg products that are similar to existing brands but not right

Wonderful and Absurd Knockoffs and Off Brands

Mike. Just Doing It.
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entitled people and their absurd demands

Entitled Folks And Their Laughable Antics

Good luck with that plan.
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Absurd Dungeons and Dragons expoits

Stupid Items Dungeons and Dragons Players Exploited To Their Limits

The real weapon is creativity.
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giant and impressive absolute units

Absolute Units That Are The Kings of Bigness, The Sultans of Circumference

They're so big they needed two descriptors.
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creepy warning signs

Freaky Signs That Mean Serious Business

What kind of fire now?
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