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Good old Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest Presidents, and influential figures in United States History. So have a good chuckle with Abe and make sure you don't wait four score and seven years to check out all these puns and jokes.

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Kanye West Tweets His Unbelievably Idiotic Texts About GOP Freeing Slaves

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Abraham Lincoln America's Dopest President

A Detailed Report on Why Lincoln Was 'America's Dopest President'

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The GOP Threw Any Old Quote on a Picture of Lincoln For Lincoln's Birthday, So Now Everyone's Getting in the Game

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I Don't Have All The Answers But...

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Super Cute DIY Assassination Jokes

Super Cute DIY Assassination Jokes
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Honest Abe

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Learn About Ol' Honest Abe Lincoln

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The Civil War Was Actually About Broadband Access

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Not a 3D Model, Not a Drawing: This is Kazuhiro Tsuji's Actual Bust of Abraham Lincoln

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Well, She Knows Her History

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Well Played, Kid.

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Give the Masses Beer

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He's Honestly Tired of These Kinds of Jokes

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I See What You Did There

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Have a Little Lincoln With You Wherever You Go

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Lincoln Loved Beer

beer abraham lincoln funny keg statue - 8082231552
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