Not MY Federal Aviation Association!

FAA, drones, abbreviation, government, videos
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Fun With Abbreviations

monday thru friday sign retail abbreviation - 8420049152
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An Excellent Deal!

abbreviation monday thru friday milk sign - 8315037440
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That Must Be Someone's Dream Job

abbreviation butt monday thru friday name tag - 8236648192
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abbreviation innuendo STD - 6073611008

FAIL Nation: Their Games Are Short But Exciting FAIL

abbreviation fail nation fap innuendo sports - 6035015168

FAIL Nation: Assorted Goods FAIL

abbreviation fail nation innuendo poop Professional At Work - 5980286976
Created by Unknown

Honest Salesmanship FAIL

abbreviation marketing Professional At Work - 5751113472
Created by gefnaut666

Abbreviation FAIL

abbreviation innuendo juxtaposition whoops - 5681921280
Created by Kyle

Probably Bad News: I Wonder What Kind of Abuse it Was...

abbreviation innuendo irony Probably bad News - 5568304384
Created by Unknown

Quality Ingredients FAIL

abbreviation butts innuendo Professional At Work - 5446270464
Created by lauredhel

Showing Your Love FAIL

abbreviation failboat innuendo not for kids school - 5291892736
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Big Brown FAIL

abbreviation failboat food poop Professional At Work swear words - 5209685760
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My Favorite Closet FAIL

abbreviation failboat fap innuendo - 5244762624
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Oddly Specific: Joey and Chandler's Favorite Hobby

abbreviation failboat friends innuendo movie reference oddly specific signs - 5123397376
See all captions Created by ridmaster

Tastes Like FAIL

abbreviation failboat ghey g rated grocery store milk - 4991733248
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