employee buys train ticket but boss demands they buy a more expensive plane ticket

Employee Buys Train Ticket, Furious Boss Demands They Buy Plane Ticket At 3X The Cost

Hey man, it's your money.
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people's stories of disappointing tourist attractions

Tourist Attractions That Disappointed People

"That's it?"
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things Americans say and do abroad

Sayings and Behaviors That Give Away Americans

Is that not how it's pronounced?
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biggest surprises people had when travelling

Biggest Surprises People Experienced When Travelling

Different places are different.
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Woman demands instant tech support service, gets rejected, gives manager earful, and then misses her flight.

Woman Demands Instant Tech Support Service, Gets Denied, Gives Earful, Misses Flight

Some people are truly their own worst enemies.
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Speech-language pathologist helps out kid in need during flight. | Rachel R. Romeo @RachelRRomeo just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back conference sat next father/son broken English father began apologize/ warn his ~10 yr-old son had severe nonverbal autism, and this would like be difficult journey. 1/ 2:59 p.m 28 Aug. 19 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Speech-Language Pathologist Helps Out Kid In Need On Flight

A trip right to the feels factory.
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American things that are weird to non-americans | TitanicBeta 19.4k points 1 day ago Not putting final price on tag not sure whether 's still like this, but few years ago one never knew whether 1.00 item McDonald's or Burger King is actually $1.00 or maybe $1.08.

American Things that Non-Americans Think are Weird

Ah, good ol' month/day/year.
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A collection of American habits that Americans didn't realize were so American | Small avocados. Went puerto rico like yo ill have like 6 those stuffed avocados Buddy like yo gringo think underestimate size our avocados here. Just have one and ill being more if want after had half one like football.

American Habits That Are So American

So American without even realizing it.
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American food that foreign visitors find weird | NitroChili 14.4k points 9 hours ago family friend South Africa commented on pumpkin pie once Wait put PUMPKINS into PIE Why would do

Western Foods that are Weird to Visitors

Pie is the best thing that happened to pumpkins.
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Stupid complaints that entitled tourists told to their travel agency | THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY THOMAS COOK VACATIONS DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: 1 They should not allow topless sunbathing on beach very distracting my husband who just wanted relax 2 On my holiday Goa India disgusted find almost every restaurant served curry don't like spicy food 3 went on holiday Spain and had problem with taxi drivers as they were all Spanish

Dumb Complaints Entitled Tourists Had for Their Travel Agency

Yeah man, Spain has Spanish people.
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List of nice things about American travelers | Friendly point become suspicious their intent. Americans generally are more confident. way they present themselves, most other countries tend be more reserved. Walk into room full different nationalities guarantee American person will be first introduce themselves s confidence thing, and admire.

Wholesome Stereotypes of American Travelers

The better things that make it obvious someone's from the U.S.
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man pretends to have coronavirus on a plane for a prank video

Soundcloud Rapper "Pranks" Plane With Fake Coronavirus

Now he's sorry.
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flight awesome Travel Video flying - 100921089

A Flight On The Most Expensive Plane Ticket In The World

That's how you fly in style!
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customer service airport Japan Travel Video flying - 100477697

Japanese Airport Employees Handle Luggage With Extra Care

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customer service public freakout ridiculous Travel funny Video flying - 99661825

Self-Important Woman Gets Booted Off Flight

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Travel influencer admits to editing her photos with the same clouds app.

Travel Influencer Admits To Editing The Same Clouds Into Her Photos

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