tech support manager malicious compliance technology IT guy Tech reddit thread Reddit - 17562885

Manager Won't Approve Overtime, Tech Starts Leaving Early

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor “'I can't approve overtime.' Then I strongly suggest you raise this issue with your boss and get the ability to approve overtime, or this will bite you in the a$$," said MadRocketScientist74. “He was always fighting that battle," responded the original poster. "To his credit, I worked for him 2 years or so after that, and he never questioned my timesheet again. I even have some stories where I helped him overcome oth…
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funny IT work memes

IT Work Memes For The People Who Keep The World Running

It's due for an update.
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aita work Tech - 16959493

Misguided Tech Bro Tells Coworker She's Too "Attractive" and "Exotic," Surprised She's Upset

This misguided tech bro attempted to lend a helping hand to a junior female developer and tried to educate her on the reasons why her coworkers were having issues engaging with her. However, he failed to help when his contribution mostly entailed pointing out how “attractive” and “exotic” she was. He then took to the internet, posting on Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit to see whether or not he had been in the wrong for his comments. The internet was squarely against him and went as…
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tech support revenge doctor petty revenge Tech - 16503813

Dirty Doctor Discharged For Doing Depraved Deeds, Caught By Clever IT Trap

He got baited by the master.
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ask reddit tech support manager malicious compliance workplace Horrible Bosses Tech - 16317445

Boss Tells Tech Support That They Need to Increase Sales "No Exceptions", So They Sell Everything Possible to Boss' Dad

At least the dad is a happy customer!
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antiwork tech support manager great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses Tech big quit - 16266245

System Programmer Gets Written-Up For Using Words His Boss Doesn't Understand

What a tempestuous and pusillanimous individual.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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terrible moments of tech support gore

Technological Gore To Give The IT People Nightmares

How could they.
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manager has comic sans as default font, tries to blame employee for it

Incompetent Manager Tries To Blame Employee For His Own Use of Comic Sans

Nice try, sir.
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developer uses bad code and loses all revenue, then doubles down

Pig-Headed Developer Uses His Own Code, Loses 100% Of Company's Revenue

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Technology memes about computers | Desktop goals Dakides Conme MIGA Shurut Couds Derslomdrut JO Purba IG:@pcgaming there ch Med Amine Jridi Useless fuck can access invisible programs behind earth 1d Haha Reply ib 10 Dave Perry Wait 12 hours and they'll be at front 1d Haha Reply £9 | open task manager and all apps suddenly stop freezing Fear will keep them line.

Tech Memes for the Computer Fiends

Someone with at least some computer experience will hopefully get most of these.
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stereotypes and jokes about different jobs

"Greatest Hits" Twitter Trend Has People Saying the Biggest Clichés About Their Jobs

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worst job interviews

9 People's Worst Job Interviews They've Ever Had

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Times Frustrating Morons FAILed To Understand How Computers Worked

14 Times Frustrating Morons FAILed To Understand How Computers Worked

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technology Tech science drones bath tub win flying - 359942

Flying Bathtub Drone Gives New Meaning to Cleaner Air Travel

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monday thru friday computer Tech Video - 66145281

Things IT People Never Say

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